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Your voice matters! – speak up and #StandWithUkraine

Individuals, organizations, companies, influencers and especially people active in culture, sports, the arts and music industries can take action to show where they stand. They can reach out to their followers and fans to spread the message about the war and aggression caused by Russia’s regime led by Vladimir Putin and provide information about how to help the people in Ukraine.

NOW is the time when every single voice matters, when every single action in support of Ukraine matters, including yours!

Here are all the ways you can help – donations, volunteering, help for war refugees, etc.

If you have friends, colleagues or fans in Russia, we encourage you to follow the example of the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and address people in Russia, inform them about the real situation, which some are not even aware of because of the fake news, propaganda and limited information available. Here is Zelensky's speech to the Russian people, published on February 24:

The Prime Ministers of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland have addressed the owners of the world's largest social media platforms - "Alphabet Inc.", "Meta Platforms, Inc.", "Twitter Inc.", “YouTube” – demanding that they take action against the misinformation and lies spread by the Putin regime.

It’s important to remember that the horrible things done in the name of the Russian Federation don’t represent the will of all Russian people. The Russian people are a strong nation in spirit and if all Russians who are against the war, stand up together to protest and criticise the horrible things that are being done under the name of Russian Federation, they can help to stop this crime. 

The Ukrainian singer Loboda, who has lived in Russia for 4 years, but now is based in Europe, shares a very emotional message, urging the Russian nation to come together.


A post shared by LOBODA (@lobodaofficial)

Another fellow Ukrainian, Ivan Dorn, keeps his followers updated with what’s happening in his homeland at the moment and asks for help.


A post shared by Ivan Dorn (@dorn_ivan)

Every artist has a voice, and this is not the time to keep silent. Several demonstrations and concerts in solidarity and support of the Ukranian people have taken place in all Baltic countries, countries who have experienced what it means to lose freedom and what it means to fight for it. 

Lithuanian artist Monika Liu has posted a cover of the John Lennon’s song “Imagine” and shared a message to all of her international fans.


A post shared by Monika Liu (@monikaliug)

Latvian singer Intars Busulis, who often performs in Russia and has a big Russian fanbase, has shared a strong opinion.

“I will never be the Intars you knew yesterday. Like many of you. I have believed that music, like economic ties and diplomacy, helps to build better relations and gives hope for a better future, but now we must be absolutely clear in our messages and deeds. It is a tragedy for both Russia and Ukraine. I condemn Vladimir Putin's aggression in Ukraine, I bow my head in front of the Ukrainian fighting force and call for an end to the war!”

Estonian musician NOËP shares a story of meeting a Ukrainian in Riga, who is not able to return home. "We met an Ukrainian today in Riga while having lunch with my bandmates. He was right next to us and on a call with someone giving details about the situation in Ukraine and Kyiv.[..] Having a face to face conversation with somebody who’s home country and town are under heavy attacks by Putin’s armies made it even more real and terrifying."


A post shared by NOËP (@noepmusic)

The European Music Exporters Exchange (EMEE), a non-profit association made up of 29 national and regional Music Export offices from 25 countries including Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland have sent out the following message:

“We are calling on all EU citizens and the world who are wondering what, if anything, they can do for their Ukrainian friends and neighbours, to join us in supporting the musicians and music industry in Ukraine.  We stand by our colleagues at Music Export Ukraine and ask that the madness stop!” 

Ukrainian music and its music industry have become more and more visible in the wider European music scene in the past years. Acts from Ukraine have been active on the ETEP platform, have won Music Moves Europe awards and have touched many hearts with the strength of their music. Support musicians by listening to Ukrainian music:

Playlist by Music Latvia here.

And it’s not only the music industry that can take action. Many culture organizations have cancelled events, stopped collaboration and cut ties with Russia, calling out supporters of the Putin regime. Every individual and organization can take action to support Ukraine, whether by raising and donating money, becoming a volunteer or speaking out about the injustice and war crime.

Athlete, Dāvis Bertāns, a Latvian professional basketball player for the Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association, has spoken out and voiced his thoughts on Russia’s attacks in Ukraine, wishing all Ukrainians strength and reminding everyone that Ukrainian soldiers are fighting for the Baltics and Europe, so it’s our duty to help.

Your voice matters! Read more on how you can donate, volunteer, help war refugees and most of all - #StandWithUkraine!


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