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Mo Aspen releases new song & video and announces upcoming album

Latvian indie/pop singer Mo Aspen has released the song and video "Jāiet Tālāk". This is one of the songs from the upcoming indie album "Viens," which will be released  in the fourth quarter of this year. Remarkably, every song will have a video, and the album will be colourful, with hip-hop, pop, and rock "spices." The tracks will be released over the course of the year.

The song tells the story about longing, even if the time of that unseeing is a couple of minutes or hours. And a desire to come back.

The song is the first written with the new project’s member - drummer Tomass Saulietis.

“I found myself looking for a drummer, and my brother introduced me to Tomass. Shortly afterwards, we presented the song at Tomass graduation, which came easily during one rehearsal, after which everyone asked for a long time and couldn't wait for it to come out. Especially Tomass very little four-year-old brother, who reminded about it and sang it every week. That was cute.” says Mo Aspen.

This will be the second album (also expected in physical format) with more mature sound. Both the quality and songwriting experience I've gained at BJMK rock school, Zvaigznājs, ANIMA studio really helped to put songs into catchy beats. I'm sympathetic to the sound of popular music that will be apparent in the structure of all songs, but I'm also a “weirdo” who likes everything from pop to sludge (I’ve been in a band of that style, I've played drums), so genre variety is expected among all songs, but with my solid handwriting - in indie moods,” says Mo.

Rolands Saulietis (Latvian Blues Band) recorded the vocals, guitar, and bass. Mix: Mārcis Kalniņš (Latvian Blues Band). The song's authors and performers are Mo Aspen (Modris Apse) and Tomass Saulietis. Producing, master: Mo Aspen. Video: Kaspars Merklins.

Mo has previously participated in the vocal contest Ghetto Faktors. His hits "Šī ir Latvija" (composed to promote Latvia in the Olympics), "Hold Me Close," "eodēzists," and others have made him well-known in the media and on radio. You may listen to this song and others on Spotify, YouTube, and Itunes. Follow the artist on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.