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Technical specification support 6 types of banners in different sizes. Our platform supports GIF, JPG, PNG and HTML file formats. It is forbidden to place advertising texts and clickable elements closer than 20 px from the edges of the advertising space. This will help highlight the ad frame and will be more visible from the content elements of the website.

Size table

Name Size (px) Weight, kb (JPG, PNG, GIF)* Weight, kb (HTML5) Link
Horizontal 1040x100 150 200 Preview
Article list square 320x320 150 180 Preview
Article list tower 320x500 120 200 Preview

Horizontal big

1040x200 120 200 Preview
Carousel 3-4 multiple images (story) with dimensions 1040х100(each) or  1040x200(each) 120 Not supported Preview
  • When submitting materials, please do not exceed the specified weight of the banner
  • Include JS into HTML file (only for html5 cases)
  • Compress all assets into one ZIP format

Hyperlinks in ad

Please DO NOT include full hyperlink in html file. Include just %LINK% and target="_blank" . Share full hyperlink address with your project manager!

Download example

<body onload="init();" style="margin:0px;">
<a href="%LINK%" target="_blank">
<div id="animation_container" style="background-color:#000; width:320px; height:320px">
<canvas id="canvas" width="320" height="320" style="position: absolute; display: block; background-color:#000;"></canvas>
<div id="dom_overlay_container" style="pointer-events:none; width:320px; height:320px; display: block;"></div>