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Indie musician Mo Aspen releases romantic song & music video

Mo Aspen

Latvian indie musician Mo Aspen has released his second single, along with the video, from the forthcoming album “Viens” later this year. The song “Kura No Tām” features the pop type of sound processing and a wide chorus, followed by a small melodic hip-hop performance. Keeping the rhythm of a lightweight indie acoustic guitar in the background creates additional intimacy.

The song tells the story of a situation where there are obvious mutual feelings between two people, but one side tries not to show it and not to express it aloud, raising different questions in the other. The video visually depicts a sense of love and inner joy, or pleasant excitement, which nonetheless alternates with unstoppable thoughts and doubts.

Musical authors and performers include Modris Apse and Tomass Saulietis. Text author, sound engineering, production, and mixing – Modris Apse. Video operator – Kaspars Merklins. Video directed by Kaspars Merklins and Edgars Granits.

Mo Aspen reminds us that the album “Viens” is the second album in total - a lot of work has been put in and a video is also expected for each song that will come out over the year. It will also feature well-known guest artists. In addition, the next single will clinch the beginning of summer - featuring three new Latvian rappers in one song.

The new song follows the first single “Jāiet Tālāk” released recently this year, which has already been played on several Latvian radio stations and received good reviews in the media/Internet environment, including from several well-known experienced Latvian musicians, with the video being supported by Red Bull Latvia. Mo Aspen has also previously participated in the “Ghetto factor” and previously has appeared on broadcast media with several released singles such as “Šī ir Latvija” “Hold Me Close,” “Ģeodēzists” etc. The musician can be followed primarily on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, as well as listened to on YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes.


Photo credit: Kaspars Merklins


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