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Words written by Ukrainians come alive in a powerful rock song

Lithuanian ensemble "Lietuva" and rock band "Thundertale" have joined together in a special song "A Song About a New War". The lyrics were written by Ukrainian human rights activists Tatyana and Grigoryi Yablonskie while fighting a war in Kyiv. 

Ukrainians asked to spread the message to people of Russia, put it in a song and let it be heard - the suffering of Ukranian nation, the call for help and hope for the war to stop. 

On 24th February, following the invasion of the Russian army, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky concluded his speech addressed to the Russian people with the following words: “(…) Do Russians want war? I would very much like to answer that question, but the answer depends only on you.". By asking whether the Russians want war, he paraphrased an antiwar song - „Хотят ли русские войны?“, which is a very well-known to the assailants. 

"A Song About a New War" carries the spirit and power of Ukrainian nation:
"It’s time for all of them to understand:
They will never break down Ukraine!"

Lyrics of "A Song About A New War:

They always want war,
The "faithful" sons of Russia.
They want both to fight and to kill
They want it again and again...
Friends, we have to understand,
Together we have to understand

Together we have to understand:
They always want 

They strictly impose on us brotherhood 
but Cain was not a brother to Abel.
Let Putin howl into the moon,
calling Satan to help.
Let Shuigu run to the taiga
with Peskov to stir shit together.

Yes! It will be thunderstorm!
Yes! It will be a sea of tears!
And we will have to fight with our chest
While grabbing killers on their throats.
Let the bastards retreat.
And finally understand.

It’s time for all of them to understand:
They will never break down Ukraine!

Let the bastards retreat.
And finally understand:

It’s time for all of them to understand:
They will never break down Ukraine!