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Baltic artists #showthelove in a sincere and fun video

We believe that love is all around us every single day - not only in the big romantic gestures, but also in the little everyday things and those who surround us. We invited Baltic artists to share what they love.

Daniel Levi

Daniel Levi is an Estonian/American artist, whose music includes sonic layers of soul, funk and R’n’B and is armed with a truly lively spirit. Daniel Levi is a household name in Estonia, regularly appearing on national TV and radios and gaining more and more attention internationally along with his dynamic band who are known for their high energy and uplifting performances.

Rick Feds

Rick Feds is a music producer and performer, who is recognized as one of the “Topfinger-drumming” representatives in the world. He is the first Latvian artist to represent the six largest musical instrument companies. The long-term experience in academic and jazz music has endowed the artist with skills that take the performance of electronic beat music to a new level – regardless of time and space.

Reinis Jaunais

Reinis Jaunais is a passionate traveler and even more passionate guitar player. For many years Reinis has traveled all around the Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Asia sharing his exceptional guitar skills and original songs using different kinds of guitar playing techniques – including tapping, percussion and finger-picking.

Justin 3

Justin 3 is pop rock music project from Lithuania formed by Justinas Stanislovaitis (vocals,guitar), lyricists, singer/songwriter, known for numerous performances on National TV and being an actor in international productions. Justin 3 songs are aired on almost all national and some international radio stations such as BBC radio One, Capital FM, Kiss FM and etc.


Waterflower is the alter-ego of artistic polymath Sabine Moore. Challenging normality and exploring femininity within music production, Waterflower creates art-pop that could equally be exhibited in an art gallery, or discovered at an underground club. She uses plants and funghi as both a keyboard (connected to synthesizers) and as midi generators – transforming the plant’s bio-data into music.


Ouu is a 4-piece indie collective from Estonia that constantly seeks to reinvent itself. Starting from indie-folk roots, Ouu has managed to cruise through phases of pop-rock and alternative, but mostly have settled in psychedelic pop music. As the sound progresses, the goal remains the same: to create colourful and vibrant melodies to groove to.

Blue Jean Serenade

Blue Jean Serenade is a musical 5 piece of family and friends. Since their first gig in 2016 the band has crafted their live sound by playing many local venues as well as international festivals and music conferences. On March 9, 2020, they released their debut LP "Prieks, no kura neizaug. Laiks, kuru neaizmirst".


Patrisha is one of the most popular pop singers in Latvia, the first to sign a contract with Universal Music Group. Patrisha started working with one of the biggest music labels in the world after her talent was noticed on social media.