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The Choral Music Opus ‘Overwhelmed On The Shore’ Premiere

The choral music opus by Kristaps Krievkalns and Kārlis Kazāks “Overwhelmed on the Shore” (LV – “Krastā saviļņots”) premiered on Saulkrasti beach.

On Friday, July 9 the audio-visual concert “Overwhelmed on the Shore” (LV – “Krastā saviļņots”) had its premiere night on the Saulkrasti beach with the choir “Anima” conducted by Laura Leontjeva performing the newly created choral music opus by Kristaps Krievkalns and Kārlis Kazāks. More than 700 people attended the concert & the concert was sold out several days ahead of the event date!

Laura Leontjeva, the artistic director and producer of the concert says: “We are so grateful and satisfied that our vision of this evening performance came true in the most charming way. The synergy between the performers, the audience and the nature made it possible to experience this event exactly as we had dreamed it. The great interest from people inspires us to already start planning future performances of the opus “Overwhelmed on the Shore””

Because the musical performance took place outdoors, the audience was invited to bring along foldable chairs or blankets to help them enjoy the sunset view in the best possible ambiance. Some viewers made the most out of the benefits offered by the concert being performed on the shore and enjoyed it from their boats and SUP boards.

In order to reach out to a wider audience, there is a concert film of “Overwhelmed on the Shore”  in the making, which will include parts of the live performance along with some artistic intermedia highlighting each musical part of the opus as a distinct story. The premiere of the film is scheduled for autumn 2021, so keep your eyes peeled & follow “Anima” choir HERE for updates!

The choral music opus “Overwhelmed on the Shore” is dedicated to the Saulkrasti choir “Anima” on its 20th anniversary and is a musical piece where music, movement and art all come together. It is a first-ever original choral music composition created by the composer Kristaps Krievkalns. The composer Kārlis Kazāks admits that writing the lyrics for this choral music opus was a completely new experience for him as well.

The visual identity of “Overwhelmed on the Shore” is an original artwork by Mareks Gureckis and it is presented in the costumes of the performers, all together creating a living canvas painting. Choreographer Inga Krasovska reveals this through the movement and diversity of images and characters, which are coloured by the stylist and make-up artist Iluta Reinberga. A significant role in this audio-visual performance was played by the sound director Mārtiņš Porters and the lighting artist Pāvels Armanis.