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Prāta Vētra takes trip down memory lane with their new mini-album & AI-generated videos

Prāta Vētra

Latvian band Prāta Vētra, known internationally as Brainstorm, has just released a new mini-album, "Pagalmi," featuring a single of the same name and four AI-generated videos.

The record is a nostalgic journey through the band's memories of childhood in Jelgava, where all four members of the band grew up. The band's lead singer, Renārs Kaupers, describes the mood of the mini-album:

"Memories take us back to Jelgava and beloved places that today when revisiting them, seem small and even insignificant. But back then, everything - friends, games, excitement, risks, joys, sorrows, pain, falling in love, and broken hearts - happened right there! We are all "pagalma puikas" (boys of the yard) - Jančuks watched over "Žukovka", Kaspars and I watched over the yards of Dzilnas and Satiksmes streets, and Māris watched over the corner of Krišjāņa Barona Street. In a way, this record is a tribute to our childhood and to where the yard experience has brought us."

The latest mini-album "Pagalmi" was created in creative sessions in Liepaja and Riga, but produced in Barcelona and Stockholm. The band's longtime producer Povel Olsson worked on the songs. The lyrics of three songs were written by the band, while the lyrics of "Pasta balodīts" were taken from Māra Zālīte's poem.

The record is also special in that the music videos were created with the help of artificial intelligence. "Ironically, after describing the authentic yards, the video versions of the new songs "Pagalmi," "Mākoņi neatskatās," "Karalienes valsis," and "Pasta balodīts" were created by artificial intelligence. Thanks to Kaspars and Povel, who played with the latest technologies and gave precise instructions for computer programs to follow. Each video refers to a certain artist. Try to guess - which one!”, Renārs Kaupers continues.

The band also reminds that on July 22, the only concert of this summer in Latvia is expected in Liepaja, where songs from the new mini-album "Pagalmi" will be performed and several surprises are expected with the participation of the group's friends and musicians. Tickets for the concert are available here.

Prāta Vētra is a Latvian pop-rock band formed in 1989. They have released 14 albums and have won multiple awards, including the MTV Europe Music Award for Best Baltic Act in 2006. The band has a strong fan base in Latvia and has also gained popularity in other countries in Eastern Europe.