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Global Weekly: Ed Sheeran, Fred again.., Billie Eilish & Imagine Dragons with a powerful message

It feels like summer and it means that it’s time for outdoor parties, festivals, warm evenings with friends and road trips. In this week’s Global Weekly you will find new tunes from Ed Sheeran, Fred again.. and Brian Eno, Billie Eilish and Imagine Dragons to add to your summer playlist, as well exciting travel destinations for a spontaneous weekend getaway. As always, at the end of the article our hidden gems - film and music recommendations.

First things first… Eurovision 2023

Perhaps this week’s most talked event. Eurovision has this magical superpower of gathering both, the contest’s lovers & haters. For some Eurovision is a long-waited event, a reason to throw a watch party with friends, root for their favourites and engage in the Eurovision fan community, for some it’s a reason to tweet once a year and express disappointment and raise the never-ending question – what’s the key to winning Eurovision?

Take a look at both semi-final qualifiers, who will perform in the Grand Final. 26 countries, 26 songs, who will be this 2023 Eurovision Song Contest winner? Watch the livestream here.

New tunes to add to your playlist from Ed Sheeran, Fred again.. & Brian Eno, Billie Eilish and Imagine Dragons.

Ed Sheeran has released his sixth studio album - ("Subtract"), which was created in a short space of time when a lot was happening in artist’s life.

Take a look at the creative album’s listening party in Riga, Latvia.

Along with the new album, for the first time ever, global superstar opens the doors to a definitive and searingly honest view into his private life in a four-part original docuseries streaming on Disney+. Series follows Ed after he learns of life changing news and reveals his hardships and triumphs during the most challenging period of his life. This original 4-part series features exclusive footage behind his iconic hits, never-before-seen personal archive with his friends and family, and epic stadium performances giving insight into Ed’s world.

A beautiful collaboration has seen the daylight – “Secret Life” album by Fred again.. and Brian Eno.

This ambient album feels like a warm hug and would perfectly fit as a soundtrack for a beautiful, starry summer night. While the ambience and mood of the album satisfies careful listeners, the album’s roots and extra value definitely is in the relationship between Fred Gibson and Brian Eno which dates back to when Fred was a 16 year-old boy who found his way into the music world with help of Eno.

Billie Eilish officially released her Drake ‘Hotline Bling’ cover.

This song previously wasn’t available on biggest streaming platforms, but following the recent popularity of this song’s instrumental bridge on TikTok, the one minute long song got released under a title “hotline (edit)”.

American pop rock band Imagine Dragons released an emotional video and comment for their song "Crushed":

"Our video for Crushed, filmed on the front lines of Ukraine, is out now. It follows Sasha, a young boy who endured months of shelling in his town. Sasha's story is heartbreaking, and there are thousands more like him who desperately need help. Even today, his family is without electricity and other basic utilities.”

The band hopes and invites people to join them in raising their voices for this cause and to consider donating to UNITED24 to support Ukraine

It's good to see that this band, like many other well-known musicians from throughout the world, supports Ukraine. They don't do it quietly or with a "music and politics don't mix" attitude, or worse, have the belief that "nothing is so straightforward". They express their position clearly and are not hesitant to speak up loudly and broadly about it.

It is critical not to get used to war and to remember that Russia invaded an independent country and has been relentlessly terrorising it for more than a year with the purpose of destroying both the state and the Ukrainians, but Ukraine is still fighting. This is also about us and Europe’s future and the Imagine Dragons video is a great reminder of it.

Explore upcoming events in the music & culture scene...

The Carnival of Cultures - a lively and colorful street festival held annually in Berlin, celebrating the city's rich multicultural diversity - is an event not to be missed. This year, the festival will take place from May 26th to May 29th. With a dynamic and diverse lineup of events, including vibrant parades, live music, and delicious food and drink, the festival offers something for everyone. It serves as a unifying celebration of unity in diversity, inviting people of all backgrounds to come together and revel in the vibrant cultural heritage of Berlin.

If you enjoy independent and electronic music and are looking for a unique cultural experience, Nuits Sonores festival, which takes place from May 17-21 in Lyon, France is the perfect destination. This year, the festival is celebrating its 20th anniversary, making it an even more special occasion. With a broad range of events including both established and emerging artists from around the world, Nuits Sonores promises to be a feast for the senses. From electrifying concerts and DJ sets to captivating art exhibitions and conferences, Nuits Sonores has something for everyone. recommends...

Listen: “Hard to Get” by Bec Lauder & Two Feet.
Confident, bold & sexy tune by American model & singer Bec Lauder in collab with Two Feet.

Watch: “One More Time With Feeling” by Andrew Dominik.
Andrew Dominik’s deeply personal documentary—his first with music legend Nick Cave—cracks open to reveal the fresh and tender underside of grief. Amid a kaleidoscopic collage of cinematic tricks, Cave’s hardened star persona starts to peel away, leaving us as witnesses to an unforgettable encounter.

Rewind time: Interview with Latvian singer Kristīne Prauliņa.