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"Forever" video: A story of timeless emotion by Markus Riva

The music video for singer and X Factor host Markus Riva's latest single, "Forever," has been released. The single was created in collaboration with producer Gharah PK, whose list of produced musicians includes Chris Brown, Craig David, Nicole Scherzinger, and the K-pop group AESPA.

The video for the song was filmed in Los Angeles. It's no secret that Markus will be competing in the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest for the ninth time, and this year with the song "Forever". The musician himself states that there was no initial plan to do so.

The song was created very quickly and easily in Los Angeles, experimenting with different music styles with the producer, says Markus. The lyrics and melody came together there. All that was left was to record it. It tells the story of that one boundless feeling, the moment of happiness that each of us has experienced - when we want to stop time and stay in that moment forever.

The video was filmed in the center of Los Angeles with a team that had worked with Markus. However, there were also some misunderstandings. Although the initial scenario for the video was planned for passionate love scenes, the plan had to be changed at the last moment when the actress unexpectedly cancelled the filming, citing that her boyfriend was not letting her leave the house. This created significant confusion, but since everyone was ready for filming, a new scenario was quickly adopted. Markus jokes:

The confusion was huge - everything had already been paid for, and the cameras were ready, but I was left without my loved one because of jealousy scenes. Luckily, I had a strong team, and we quickly came up with a new scenario, and the video version of the song was created as quickly and organically as the song itself.

The video processing and montage were entrusted to Taras Golubkov, who lives and works in Kyiv, so there were also electric and internet outages and inevitable emotional upheavals, but now the video has been released to the public. Markus hopes that it will remind listeners of summer days during the dark days of the year.

Markus Riva today is not only a stylish & popular musician but also a songwriter, producer, DJ and TV & radio host. As a solo artist, Markus has released 5 solo albums and many radio singles that have been #1 songs on the charts of iTunes and radio stations.