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Aminata releases heartfelt mini-album before her solo concert

Aminata. Savvaļas Pusē.

Aminata has released a mini-album of the same name before her solo concert “Savvaļas pusē” (eng. - “On the Wild Side”) on August 4 at the Andrejosta Kvartāls Summer Stage.

The mini-album is already available on music streaming platforms, but tickets for Aminata's solo concert on August 4 in Andrejostas kvartāls, where she will perform both her greatest hits and songs from the new record, are nearly sold out. Don't miss out, get your ticket here!

The mini-album contains five songs that were written in early spring, when Aminata, with the support of Universal Music, organized a songwriting camp, inviting various talented and well-known Latvian artists. For example, Māra Upmane-Holšteine, a member of the band Astro'n'out, with whom the title track of the new mini-album was created.

"Aminata and I quickly found a common language because we share similar feelings about music and lyrics," Māra says. "It gave us a lot of freedom when writing, and we quickly caught the same wave. We began the work by having conversations in order to learn Aminata's language in terms of content. Working with an unprecedented team of brilliant professionals, each with a different musical background, was a wonderful experience. This unusual combination of musicians pushed everyone out of their comfort zone just enough to meet in the golden middle, where everyone is pleased with what they created while not quoting themselves.”

Producer JJ Lush also contributed to the title track, as did rapper and beatmaker Ansis, who recalls, "I arrived at Aminata's songwriting camp with a funny idea about horses (don't ask for details, please) that slowly evolved over the course of a day into "Savvaļas Pusē". The song is ultimately about a return to the natural, the wild, and the untamed, and it's all about relationships and love in the end. We even managed to write a rap fragment inspired by Aminata's tune, which can be heard in the song's second act. When I met Aminata later, I was thrilled to learn that "Savvaļas Pusē" had been chosen as the album's title track!”

The duet with the young singer Būū "Kur saule," in which Mikus Frišfelds, Kristaps Ērglis ("Triānas parks"), and Rūdolfs Budze (DJ Rudd, "Astro'n'out") also participated, has already become a hit, and the album also includes the songs "Afrodīte", "Ko Tu dari ar mani?" and “Paisums. Bēgums". Chris Noah, the singer, was also actively involved in their creation.

"It was an interesting experience for me because I had never written songs in this way before," Aminata says. "For example, the single “Kur saule" is a song that I had nothing to do with writing. It was a good experiment because it's interesting, and perhaps even necessary, to see myself through the eyes of others, to understand how other writers see and hear me. It creates a new sound, which I am very pleased with. I think the new mini-album is quite heartfelt, and I'm blossoming in it”.

Aminata Savadogo, known by her stage name simply as Aminata, is an accomplished singer and songwriter. To a wider public she is known for participating in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with the song "Love Injected", finishing 6th overall. "Love Injected" was one of the 3 Eurovision songs that entered UK top 40 that year. Until now Aminata has released 3 studio albums Inner Voice, Red Moon and Maiga Vara. In 2020 Aminata signed with Universal Music Group.