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Night Tapes unveils hypnotic dream pop EP "Perfect Kindness'"

DIY dream pop trio Night Tapes has returned with their highly anticipated EP, "Perfect Kindness," delivering a mesmerizing collection of tracks that captivate listeners with their atmospheric soundscapes and genre-blending melodies. Following the success of their previous singles, which garnered nearly one million Spotify streams, Night Tapes' latest release showcases their artistic growth and musical prowess.

The EP opens with the enchanting lead single, "Selene," which sets the mood with its warm bassline and minimalist drum loop. The band's versatility shines through in the dancey track "Inigo," featuring a captivating dancehall-inspired groove that gets you moving. "Humans (Elevated Mix)" takes listeners on a cosmic journey with its spacey slow jam, blending soothing melodies and shimmering synths to create a nostalgic yet timeless sonic experience.

The title track, "Perfect Kindness," offers a tranquil moment within the EP, enveloping listeners in a delicate bass melody and hazy ambience that beautifully complements lead singer Iiris Vesik's velvety tones. Closing off the EP is "Silent Song," a powerful and uplifting track that builds to a climactic finale, showcasing Vesik's stunning vocal performance.

With previous EPs like "Dream Forever In Glorious Stereo" and "Download Spirit," Night Tapes has already made a mark in the music industry.

Their debut single, "Forever," has amassed over five million plays and their music has received praise from various publications and channels, including Turtlenek, Paste Magazine, Pigeons & Planes, DUMMY Magazine, At The Barrier, David Dean Burkhart, and Majestic Casual. Signing with Nettwerk Music Group in 2022 has further solidified Night Tapes' position as a rising force in the music scene.

Night Tapes, originally born out of evening jams between housemates Max Doohan, Sam Richards, and Iiris Vesik in London, have carved their unique musical path by fusing together elements from their lived experiences and their exploration of the spiritual and metaphysical realms. Their signature dream pop sound pushes boundaries and creates a fresh sonic landscape that resonates with audiences.