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One Direction's Louis Tomlinson in Baltics next autumn

Louis Tomlinson. Faith In The Future Tour 2023

Yes, you read that correctly! Many people's dreams will come true next autumn, when world-renowned singer Louis Tomlinson of the record-breaking boy band One Direction will visit the Baltic countries for the first time as part of his "Faith In the Future Tour 2023." 

05.09.2023. Estonia, Tallinn, Saku Arena

07.09.2023. Latvia, Riga, Arena Riga

08.09.2023. Lithuania, Kaunas, Zalgirio Arena

Louis Tomlinson is a true pop superstar from the UK, who rose to fame as a member of the world-famous boy band One Direction. But it's only relatively recently that Louis has begun his solo career. During the pandemic, a two-year period of isolation, the musician was able to take a break from One Direction to focus on his music, through which he can be his truest self and show what is truly important to him. There is no doubt that Louis is a very talented musician with great potential and a promising future.

Louis has become more confident than ever in his ideas, creativity, and music since he is no longer living in the shadow of the band. He now fills arenas from Mexico City to Paris. Louis Tomlinson has even set a Guinness World Record, selling more than 160,000 tickets to a London virtual concert in 2020, making him the solo artist with the most tickets sold to an online event. This accomplishment demonstrates Louis Tomlinson's ability to connect with audiences through his unique music and stunning performances.

If you haven't already, check out Louis Tomlinson's latest super hit "Bigger Than Me": 

His contribution to One Direction is immeasurable. They were undoubtedly one of the most successful boy bands in music history, selling out concerts in minutes and winning the hearts of millions of young people. Although Harry Styles is widely regarded as the band's frontman, Louis was the main songwriter. The guys in the band now have their own lives, but their popularity remains impressive. Louis has a significant social media following. He has nearly 19 million Instagram followers and 36 million Twitter followers.

Louis Tomlinson released his first LP "Walls" shortly before the pandemic and is now preparing to release his second album, "Faith In The Future,” on November 11 of this year. He will be introducing us to this album at his concerts in the Baltics next year. According to critics, the new album will be more serious and soulful than the previous one. Every track on the new album showcases the musician's versatile songwriting skills and authenticity. The loss of his mother and sister has given him a new perspective. The album features contributions from Robert Harvey, Mike Crossey (The 1975, Wolf Alice), Dan Grech (The Killers, The Vaccines, Halsey), Nico Rebscher (Alice Merton), Joe Cross (Courteeners) and Hurts frontman Theo Hutchcraft.

Listen to "Walls," a song from Louis Tomlinson's debut album of the same name:

“My mission in music is not to write Hollywood-style songs about crazy love. That is boring to me. Being from the north of England, I grew up loving bands like the Arctic Monkeys and Oasis. They appear to tell human stories in a clear and genuine manner. That is the essence of music," says Louis.

Louis is more than just a talented pop musician. There are a lot of them nowadays. Louis is a wonderful person. For many years, he has devoted his attention, time, and money to charity, specifically children's hospitals and shelters, as well as UNICEF and the Black Lives Matter movement. His family laughs that Louis Tomlinson's "bad days" are the best times to make someone else happy.

The Faith In The Future tour will be grand and powerful. Louis Tomlinson's new work has piqued the interest of the entire music world. He jokes that life on the road is more enjoyable than it should be. He sleeps on the tour bus with his team every night and really enjoys it. Although there has been much discussion recently about the negative effects of this lifestyle on emotional health (Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, and many other well-known artists have even cancelled tours), Louis appears to be doing fine. He has performed in around 100 venues in the last year, entertaining over 500,000 fans.

Watch a behind-the-scenes video from Louis Tomlinson's Asia and Australia tour in 2022:

These concerts will definitely be different from other 8 Days A Week events. Three spectacular Baltic concerts, and a global pop superstar. We guarantee an unforgettable performance and an emotional experience. Who knows, perhaps Louis Tomlinson will inspire Harry Styles to visit the Baltic States as well.

While you're waiting for his concert, get to know Louis:



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