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Hurts return with solo open-air shows in Baltics

This summer with solo open-air shows in the Latvia and Estonia returns the beloved Manchester duo Hurts.

25.07. Estonia, Tallinn Song Festival Grounds Sea area
26.07. Latvia, Sigulda Medieval Castle

It is expected that at the concert the elegant British duo Hurts will perform both the best-known compositions of the latest, now fifth album "Faith" and the rich constellation of previous hits – Wonderful Life, Stay, Blood, Tears & Gold, Miracle, Somebody To Die For, Wings, Rolling Stone, Wish, Beautiful Ones and other tunes.

Hurts always deliver an exciting, emotionally rich and strong performance. Do you remember their last show in Riga? Here's a snippet from "Ready To Go" at Arena Riga, Latvia in 2017.

The material for the latest album "Faith" was created during the difficult time of Covid-19, and this pandemic was also the reason why the concert tour planned for 2021 did not go ahead.

In an interview with NME, the group's soloist Theo Hutchcraft tells about “Faith”:

“We wanted to get back to the essence of what we do and who we are. We had to fall in love with the type of music we originally set out to make. We have always been drawn in by the darker elements of pop music. It’s an odd time to release it, but it feels good because there’s a message in the song that is hopeful. It’s about having the power to change and deal with those things. Hopefully people can find that in it.”

Hurts was founded in Manchester in 2009 by vocalist Theo Hutchcraft and multi-instrumentalist Adam Anderson. The band's calling card has become an elegant, slightly alienated style of dress, great melodies typical of the 80s rather than today, often a gloomy but intriguing textual mood, which is accentuated by vocals pierced with aches and despair. The importance of elegant videos, which are often characterized by surprising twists and turns, cannot be denied either.

Get to know them a bit more, watch interview we had with the band 9 years ago:

Hurts gained recognition immediately with the debut album "Happiness" released in 2010. Six singles from just one disc topped the various European charts. The album gained Gold status in Great Britain and Austria, and Platinum - in Germany, reaching at least the top 10 in 12 European hit shows. With the next albums, Exile (2013), Surrender (2015) and Desire (2017), the association continued to strengthen its position in the pop music Olymp.

Beatiful Baltic scenery, castle ruins in Latvia and sea side in Estonia, are perfect locations for an emotionally fulfilled evening with Theo, Adam and their band. Don't miss out on Hurts shows, get your tickets and see you there!