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Celebration for all heavy metal fans: Megadeth in Tallinn

Megadeth - one of the most famous of the "Big Four" – will rumble the Tallinn's Song Festival Grounds with their usual powerful performance on July 26. This will be the only concert of the legendary Dave Mustaine's band in the Baltic States and, accordingly, a celebration for all heavy metal fans. Get your tickets from February 3. 

As known, Dave Mustaine was Metallica's first guitarist even before the band released their debut album. Due to excessive drug use and internal disagreements, Dave was fired from the band, and he is said to have vowed to start a band that would surpass Metallica in terms of skill, guitar speed and overall heaviness. It must be admitted that he succeeded because the masterful technical complexity and the speed of the play are Megadeth's calling cards. For many fans of the genre, the "real" thrash metal is exactly Megadeth.

But the most important thing is the army of loyal fans, which definite number can be counted in millions and unites several generations. In any rock show in the world, you will surely meet someone in a Megadeth T-shirt or hoodie, which shows that the band's recognition has long gone beyond the boundaries of one genre.

Although in 1985 debut album "Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!" has mediocre success, the guys stubbornly continue and already the next album "Peace Sells... but Who's Buying?" resonates with a broader audience. Next - “So Far, So Good... So What! "(1988), "Rust in Peace" (1990), "Countdown to Extinction" (1992) and the following worldwide touring – help to achieve Platinum sales. In the following years, with a few unfortunate exceptions (for example, "Risk" (1999)), Megadeth are releasing albums that cemented the band's status in the Olympus of hard rock music. And now the album "The sick, The dying.. And The Dead!". 

Lyrically, Mustaine often addresses political corruption, worldwide conspiracies, fights and war, emotional issues, and the “working man’s” fading chances of achieving the American dream.

Founded in 1983 by guitarist, composer and vocalist Dave Mustaine and bassist David Ellefson, Megadeth is one of the most prominent thrash metal and general heavy rock formations in the world. During Megadeth's 40-year career, 16 studio albums have been released, 6 of which have received Platinum status in the US alone, and whose total copies exceed 40 million. The group has received critical acclaim for its technical mastery and originality, numerous awards, including a Grammy, and together with Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax are considered the most important creators and developers of the thrash metal genre.