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Canadian rock band Three Days Grace returns to Latvia & Estonia

The highly anticipated Canadian rock group Three Days Grace returns to Latvia and Estonia. And 'highly anticipated' is not an empty epithet, because the two previous Riga concerts were completely sold out. 

13.06. Latvia, Riga, Palladium Riga

14.06. Estonia, Tallinn, Helitehas

The Canadian rockers will visit the Baltics as part of their "Revolutions Live Tour", which is related to the release of the latest album "Explosions". This means that the concert will include time-tested compositions such as I Hate Everything About You, Never Too Late, Animal I Have Become, Pain, Just Like You, Home, Painkiller, Riot, The Mountain, and the hit highlights of the new collection - So Called Life, Lifetime, etc.

Three Days Grace's newest, now seventh, album was released on May 6th, 2022, breaking for the first time the band's tradition of releasing a new record every third year. However, since in November 2021, the first single of the upcoming album - So Called Life - experienced a public premiere, it can be considered that the tradition surprising fans with a new record every 3rd years is still preserved. The song instantly topped Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart and stayed there for 4 consecutive weeks. It was also the most played rock song of 2022. The single Lifetime, released in April 2022, repeated the result of So Called Life, thus the group has 17 singles that reached the top of the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart.

When asked about the message behind “Explosions”, the band's member Neil Sanderson explains his vision:

“We are born into a world of explosions, and they’re always present. We all bottle feelings of anger inside and act like they’re not there. Sometimes, you just want to express yourself and be creative. You try to be who you are, but the world hinders it. So, do you explode? It’s not always the right answer. Do you find something to take the edge off? We all do to some degree, because the other option is exploding. Not all explosions are bad; some are beautiful. If you’re a dad, your child goes out into the world and becomes a person. To me, that’s explosive.”

Three bands albums have received official 3x 2x and 1x Platinum status, 12 times they have been nominated for the highest award of the Canadian music industry, the Juno, Spotify statistics inform that their songs are played an average of 4 million times a month, which makes them one of the most listened to rock bands in the world.

Three Days Grace was formed in 1997, in tiny town Norwood, in Ontario province. The band's line-up consisted of guitarist and lead vocalist Adam Gontier, drummer and backing vocalist Neil Sanderson and bass guitarist Brad Walst. In 2003 the band was joined by Barry Stock, who then became the lead guitarist. In 2013 Adam Gontier left the band. To replace him, Brad Walst offered the position to his own brother Matt. Who surprisingly quickly fit right in the band.

Since Three Days Grace style varies from album to album, music critics cannot associate them with only one music genre, therefore they are described as alternative hard rock, post-grunge and even new metal band.

Here's a throwback to Three Days Grace in Riga, 2018.


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