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Discover Estonian Singer And Producer Noëp

NOËP (Andres Kõpper)

‘I’m here to enjoy every moment of it,’ says Andres Kõpper, the Estonian singer-songwriter who has already created a buzz both in his home country and on an international scale.

Estonian singer, songwriter and producer who’s been into music since childhood. Combining the disparate sounds of Alt-J, Jose Gonzales and Mura Masa, his electro-pop style has been described as bright, idiosyncratic and cool, bringing together an adventurous fusion of worlds. At the age of 6, he started attending music school where he learnt playing piano and accordion, however, only in high school, he started taking vocal classes. Before starting his solo career, NOËP was part of the band called ‘Tenfold Rabbit’ where they played indie rock music, however, he didn’t feel that the specific genre is for him.


Since releasing his debut track Move in 2015, NOËP has caught the attention of music lovers and industry professionals alike, with the track amassing over 7 million plays on Spotify. He has sold out headline shows in Estonia, and has created a buzz in both his home country and on an international scale. NOËP has already notched up memorable live performances at international festivals including Flow, Waves, PositivusWeekend Festival,Europavox, shows in Beirut, Berghain (Berlin), a rooftop in Shanghai, and The Musee d’Orsay in Paris. He’s also taken the stage of some of the biggest showcase festivals around the world including MUSEXPO, Eurosonic, Reeperbahn and The Great Escape. 


His live shows are as attention grabbing and emotive as the recorded music, where Andres can be seen with a keyboard, laptop and launch pad. Kõpper is a charismatic performer, equally capable of breaking into dance with the audience as well as drawing them in for moments of intimacy. The sound and style has already made him a star in Estonia, where he won Pop Album of the Year at the Estonian Music Awards 2019 for his debut EP ‘Heads In The Clouds’. The EP with five tracks showcases the singers unique and creative sound. With a mix of influences from R&B to electro-pop ballads, there is something for everyone on this EP. Analysing his discography, you can hear how his sound has transformed over the years, becoming more experimental. Now, he produces all of his songs and he has already been praised for his songwriting and production skills by the likes of ClashIndie ShuffleRed BullDancing Astronaut and others.


NOËP has been open for collaborations with other artists, including Liis LemsaluCHINCHILLARüde Boy. He has also worked with several Latvian artists like DonsAlise Joste and Justs. In one of his interviews he has said: "I love writing together with other people, because there’s instant feedback, and if you click together with someone and you trust their taste, the pace of work gets faster. Sometimes you run out of ideas…those fantasies and ideas come much faster when you’re in a situation with other people and you have to write something. Sometimes people say one line, and it gets you started on a thought that might become a song."

Single ‘fk this up’ (feat. CHINCHILLA) has been a very successful collaboration with the rising urban UK POP artist. After the song was released and licensed to Warner Music Italy, it soon became a TOP 5 airplay hit, gaining over 9 million Spotify streams. Both artists met at the songwriting camp in London, where they had a fruitful co-working process which lead to the collab. About ‘fk this up’ NOËP says: "This track is about enjoying life and not taking everything too seriously. Why not admit your mistakes and laugh about it as we’re only young once? The video is a bit of a bittersweet one though – you catch the early, golden days of a burgeoning relationship, only to be brought back to the ground by heartbreak."


Andres loves to be creative with his music by exploring new sounds. In his second single ‘Game’ he experimented with whale sounds, whilst in ‘Rihanna’ he used coke bottles and turned the sound of them clanging against tables into percussions. In addition to this, the singer is also creative with his song titles, enjoying naming his songs after women he admires such as ‘Jennifer Lawrence’. As for almost every artist, the music describes their personalities and shows for what they stand for. Positive melancholy is the emotion that drives NOËP and he emphasizes how crucial it is for him to be real in the songwriting process. He believes that the luck behind his most famous track ‘Move’ is the vibe and ability for people to resonate with the story. 

Listen to his summer 2020 track Young Boy, an uplifting banger about living your life to the fullest. 

‘The rush of excitement when meeting or being with a ‘special someone’ can trigger the feeling of what it was like to be young and carefree‘, says NOËP.

The self-directed music video follows the adventures of a near-futuristic domestic robot Bob in post-apocalyptic Tallinn, a journey about loneliness and how the secret to happiness is finding the right company’.

On October 2020 Noëp signed with the Warner Music Baltics and released ‘On My Way’ featuring Chinchilla

Keep an eye on this talented Estonian artist! 

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