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Sub Scriptum turns songwriting process into an unique adventure

The band built a transparent recording studio in the middle of the shopping mall "AKROPOLE Alfa'' in Riga to make their EP album from scratch in public. From February 18th till 21st together with Kaspars Ansons, they challenged themselves, wrote music and allowed livestream viewers to see behind the scenes of the process. visited the band in their "Sub Būris" on the 4th day. Take a look, how it went:

One of the main goals of this project was to introduce the passers-by to the music production process, as well as involve the audience in various different music making activities and allow them to participate in recording. The band also collaborated with local Latvian celebrities such as rapper Ozols, pianist Andrejs Osokins and percussionist Nils Īle, which gave diverse sound to the songs and set up guys for a challenge to try out something different.

As one would expect, the lates single “Ievēlies” will also be included in the upcoming EP. Together with one of the most skilled music producers in Latvia - Kaspars Ansons - the band is surely in good hands and promises to keep the audience fully entertained throughout the four day marathon of album making. What makes this EP even more exciting is that the band plans to release English versions of the songs later on, which would be their first international album release.

Sub Scriptum is an indie rock band from Latvia that was formed in the summer of 2017. Sub Scriptum music is characterized by catchy melodies and rhythmic hooks. The band always brings youthful energy to their shows.

The band released their debut album “ mode” in 2020, which received lots of positive reviews from the listeners. On April 3, 2023, the band released an EP "Mīlestības". The single “Kam Tādam” from the EP has gained popularity in Latvian radio stations.  Sub Scriptum has also gained popularity in Ukrainian radio stations with the single “‘’зійде сонце’’. Last year the band released their first international single with a music video "Sweet Screens".

The band is a frequent guest in major Latvian festivals, have performed on popular Latvian TV shows and awards, have participated in Freedom Festival for Ukraine and have played in lots of music venues around Latvia throughout the years. Now that the band is working on international music and releasing more songs in English, they would love to finally bring their music abroad.