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Lithuanian composer Darius Žičkus reimagines INGAJA's song

Ingaja and Darius Žičkus

Composer from Lithuania Darius Žičkus, known by his stage name Nazcaman, has crafted a fresh rendition of alternative music artist INGAJA's single "Eyes Are Loud." The song was initially released last autumn, and now, in the spring, it has been reborn with a brand-new sound.

"By incorporating various fundamental vocal motifs and completely revamping the music, I have reimagined the piece. Together with INGAJA, we are unveiling a new interpretation of her song," stated the composer.

D. Žičkus discovered the Klaipėda-based artist INGAJA while tuning in to the British BBC radio station. In the fall of 2023, the radio aired the track "Eyes Are Loud" from her latest album "no one, no where / no time." Darius Žičkus reminisces about his initial encounter with the song:

"Despite INGAJA's residence and creative endeavors in Lithuania, I encountered her artistry for the first time on BBC radio. During a preview of the week's upcoming music releases, her song "Eyes Are Loud" was featured. I was immediately captivated by this track: the lyrics, the atmospheric essence it exudes, and the Scandinavian-inflected pronunciation of English words. However, it was INGAJA's voice that truly mesmerized me."

The composer further shared that while working on the track a completely different set of chords, mood and aesthetics resonated: “I was immersed in the sounds of Bristol in the 90s, atmospheric vibes crafted by iconic acts “Portishead” and “Massive Attack” and even some aesthetics of the trip-hop era.”

Singer-songwriter INGAJA expressed her delight, attributing it to the composer, as the original version of the track released last year continues its musical journey, evolving and adopting new textures, tones, and shapes:

"Music enriches my life with vibrant colors through interactions with people and various situations. I am deeply thankful for the chance to collaborate with Nazcaman and observe his distinct interpretation of my composition. Most importantly, let us not underestimate the importance of looking into each other's eyes, as many of the answers we seek are hidden within them."

The reimagined version of INGAJA's single "Eyes Are Loud" by Nazcaman is now accessible on various music streaming platforms.

Singer-songwriter INGAJA was born and raised in a small seaside town, Klaipeda, in Lithuania. Her inspiration for writing and composing is related to her immediate environment and personal life experiences, however she intentionally dedicates time to connect with nature as it helps to unplug and stimulate creativity. This connection with nature and the feeling of wilderness can easily be sensed in her dreamy soundscapes.

She has spent years accumulating her musical knowledge through participation in various musical endeavors and events in Lithuania and abroad. While her songs draw from such influences as Ben Howard, Fink, Tash Sultana, etc., they all are colored by her own distinctive sound. INGAJA’s music deftly combines deep, dark, lush and full of immeasurable sadness energy, acoustic rock melodies and tender ambient soundscapes. INGAJA’s song lyrics center around self discovery, honesty, humility and memory reclaiming. Her downhearted lyrics and atmospheric tones make your mind race and time stop.