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Elizabete Gaile unveils her unique interpretation of Gain Fast’s "Tas nav uz zemes šīs"

Elizabete Gaile, a Latvian indie pop musician and songwriter, has ventured into new sonic territory with her interpretation of Gain Fast's song "Tas nav uz zemes šīs." Her rendition of the well-known song adds a captivating element to it, filling it with her distinct sound and emotional depth. 

Elizabete Gaile is thankful for the little team that was involved in this recording – producer Armands Varslavāns, as well as musicians Alise Golovacka and Jānis Polis. Additionally, Elizabete Gaile expresses heartfelt thanks to Gain Fast for the inspiration provided by their beautiful composition.

Her decision to cover this track stands as a departure from her usual repertoire of original compositions. However, the profound emotional resonance she felt towards "Tas nav uz zemes šīs" compelled her to offer her unique interpretation, driven by a special warmth and connection to the song.

''There's something special about this tune and the feeling it gives. When winter came, I felt that I wanted to record my version of it, as this song has become very close to me. For this anxious time that goes along with the pre-holiday atmosphere, I wanted to convey a sense of peace and take the listener somewhere higher.''

Elizabete Gaile is an indie pop musician and songwriter who writes her songs at the piano. Her song "Miera iela" has been in the TOP 10 most played songs list across all Latvian radio stations for a total of 14 weeks this year, reaching number 1 position twice. In November, Elizabete had the opportunity to open the biggest concert so far for the band ‘’Astro’n’out’’ at Arena Riga as a special guest. Currently, Elizabete is working on her forthcoming album, expected to be released in the spring of 2024.