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Ukrainian students in Riga share their feelings about the war - "We need help!"

On March 11 Best of Baltic Entertainment visited the set of music video "Resistance" - project that was made in support for Ukraine gathering more than 40 musicians and creative minds, including Ukrainian students. Erica, Andrew and Julia shared with us their worries, thoughts and feelings about the war in Ukraine, encouraging people to help Ukrainian nation.

Youngsters opened up and shared that it's a very emotional and hard time for them. Andrew comments:

Our homes of past are being bombed, some of our friends are getting killed. It's really hard to stay positive in this situation. But our nation, Ukrainians, are really strong!

 But even despite the horrible war Ukrainian nation has to go through, Erica shows the true strenght of Ukrainians:

Ukrainian people would never fall on the knees, because Ukrainian nationality as Andrew said is very strong. We are staying positive here in Latvia, though, of course, we have in minds our families and friends there in Ukraine, but we are hoping that everything will be okay and one day this war will be ended!

Julia highlights their wish for NATO to close the sky over Ukraine. It is necessary to save lives of innocent people. Erica, Andrew and Julia believe in Ukrainian nation, but are not afraid to say "We need help!". 

Find your way of supporting people of Ukraine. Here are some ways on how you can #StandWithUkraine!


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