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French indie music stars Phoenix are coming to Vilnius and Sigulda

The long-awaited heroes of indie music Phoenix will visit the Baltic countries for the first time and present their latest album “Alpha Zulu”.

05.06.23. Lithuania, Vilnius, Lukiškės Prison

06.06.23. Latvia, Sigulda Castle

Phoenix are undoubtedly one of the most influential indie music heroes of this century. They are not subject to time or genres and are returning to the big stages with their seventh album “Alpha Zulu”.

“Tonight“ with Ezra Koening from the new album “Alpha Zulu”:

Combining new wave, pop, soft rock, funk and indie tunes with electronica, Phoenix music allowed them to firmly establish themselves on the music scene in the early 2000s with their debut album “United”, successfully sticking them together for over twenty years. The members of Phoenix - vocalist Thomas Mars, guitarists and brothers Laurent Brancowitz and Christian Mazzalai, and bassist-keyboardist Deck D'arcy met as boys in the grand Versailles, where they shared a love for rock veterans such as “Pixies” and “Sex Pistols”. They started playing as teenagers with almost no musical education, but over time they learned from each other.

Their relationship grew, and the band's work over seven albums was always centered around their own friendship and good times. They really changed indie music and the dance floors of our generation. From the start of their debut, it was clear that their music was suited for sweaty bar parties and big festival stages, from “Coachella” to “Glastonbury”.

When they released an album called “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” in 2009, they became one of the biggest bands of the past decade. “Lisztomania”, “1901” or “Rome” are still on our playlists, and the album earned them a “Grammy” prize. Thousands of bands have tried to replicate this album and its success, but none have succeeded so far. And 13 years have already passed.

“They're the best band of this decade”, says longtime friend and “Vampire Weekend” frontman Ezra Koening, who also lent his voice to “Tonight” from the new album.

Phoenix work is long-lasting – they still influence pop culture themselves, with 5 million monthly listeners on Spotify. “Alpha Zulu”, the band's seventh self-produced album, recorded at the Louvre Museum in the middle of the pandemic, is a good example of their fame, inspired by life and the artwork around them. The most French band ever in the most important French cultural building. Iconic.

According to critics, this album is everything Phoenix does best: with their signature lightness and aesthetic. Fun yet deep, the record reflects the band's continued vitality and desire to create something new. Phoenix interweaves the elements of light and dark. They haven't sounded so relaxed and free in a long time, while challenging the listener at every turn.

“J-Boy” from the album called “Ti Amo”

Smooth production line is sure to make “Alpha Zulu” one of the best albums of 2022. Thomas Bangalter, a member of the legendary Daft Punk helped Phoenix to produce this album after the tragic death of colleague and producer Philippe Zdar (“Cassius”) in 2019. This album is partly a dedication to him and his friendship. The story of the album's title is also unusual – once the band member Mars was flying on a private plane and experienced turbulence during a storm, while the pilot shouted, "Alpha Zulu!" on the plane's radio. That's how the title and idea of the album came about.

Phoenix live shows are still as electrifying as ever. After taking a break during the pandemic, they are now reconnecting with the fans who have been waiting for them for a long time. The quartet is now giving it their all and enjoying the stage again. They are like wine - they get better with each year. Their time is now. Every indie music lover must see them in Vilnius and Riga. There will be plenty of space for nostalgia and the best memories!



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