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Emotional Symphony: Fabrizio Paterlini in Riga

In the spring, a notable contemporary classical music Italian composer and pianist, Fabrizio Paterlini, will perform in Riga at the Palladium concert hall on April 13th.  The deeply moving and emotionally rich piano music, accompanied by visual design, will make the concert experience even more profound and emotionally saturated. Get your tickets here

Both listeners and critics share their thoughts on how best to describe Paterlini's beautiful musical sound. Soulful, deeply emotional, dreamy, and refined. The composer himself describes his work:

It's like a glass of red wine on a summer evening.

Aware of its radiant and soothing effect on the listener. He is often compared to such outstanding artists as Ludovico Einaudi, Erik Satie, and George Winston. After several solo piano works ("Viandanze," "Fragments Found," "Autumn Stories," "The Art of the Piano") in 2013, he released "Now," his first attempt to combine piano playing with electronics, and in 2017, "Secret Book," which is his most content-rich album to date. Pianos, strings, and electronics come together in a new and interesting formula that leads Fabrizio's music in new musical directions. On January 27th, the artist's latest "Fifth" album will be available to listeners.

The upcoming concert will also be enhanced by visual special effects, making the concert experience more complete, deeply felt, and emotionally satisfying. The space, sound, music, and visual materials will create an existence for a moment. In the first half, the emphasis will be on the gently enveloping animations about the artist himself, and in the second half, focusing on piano playing. 

Fabrizio Paterlini is one of the most renowned Italian pianists who you may not have heard of yet. His soothing piano music has a significant following of fans around the world who eagerly await this wonderful event to see him perform live. Fabrizio Paterlini was born in the ancient northern Italian city of Mantua, which has a romantic and historically significant impact on the artist's musical creativity. The city's elegance and cultural depth permeate Paterlini's refined original solo piano compositions.