Whether you like groovy house, classical or alternative music, there are some upcoming concerts that are worth visiting.

He is a musician with wild unbridled energy – German musician SIS is ready to entertain you!

SIS is visiting Latvia and playing his show on 15 April at club “One One” (Riga). SIS is the founder of “Cocolino Records” and music hit creator for Berlin club “Watergate” and others.

With Turkish genes, a German upbringing, and a deviant teenage life that saw him tussle with gang life and engage in cheeky, morally grey activities, SIS is the exact opposite of the cardboard cut-out, squeaky clean radio DJ.

Following a series of international club hits on Nick Curly’s Mannheim label Cecille, which included 2007’s vocal trip “Nesrib”, SIS became the talk of Berlin.

In 2008 track called “Trompeta” became the hit track of summer and its rise to dominance resulted in an avalanche of recognition. That year Germany’s Groove Magazine named SIS ‘Producer of the Year’, and awarded him ‘Track of the Year’ for “Nesrib”. That year, Raveline Mag also named SIS their ‘Newcomer of the Year’.

SIS has many success stories, but you can check out his talent on 8 April, when at the DJ panel he will be supported by Italian DJ and producer Hermes Bertoni.


This classical music ensemble will give you one visually attractive performance!

On 16 April brass instruments will make some magic at Latvian National Opera, because ensemble “Showbrass” will give their debut concert.

In the ensemble plays Vairis Nartiss, Arturs Hrustalovs, Maris Zondaks and Kaspars Smits. Concert will feature compositions from Valtis Puce, Johann Sebastian Bach, Jean-Baptiste Arban, Vairis Nartiss and other composer works.

In the concert the audience will be able to explore a wide range of brass instruments – both well and not so well known instruments, such as Nartis`s sub-contrabass-trumpet.


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Alternative music art at cinema “K.Suns”

Alternative music fans will have celebration two nights in a row – two brightest alternative music groups “Gas of Latvia” and “Manta” will perform at “K.Suns” on 21 and 22 April.

Nineties underground group`s “Carthage” (“Kartāga”) members Edgars Subrovskis and Andris Indans rarely share the same stage, although both are very active in Latvian alternative music scene and are friends in real life. The idea to perform together was born after the latest “Gas of Latvia” album`s “Swan lake” release.

In these concerts “Gas of Latvia” will play songs from their recent album “Swan Lake” with a specially designed Zane Zelmene video accompaniment. Andris Indans will perform together with Undine Balode and Anna Kirse.

But ensemble “Manta” will provide insight atmosphere of their upcoming album and play songs that were born in various projects.


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