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It is this time of the week when you can forget about all the responsibilities and spoil yourself a little. Here are some suggestions:

“Opus Pro” goes on its 30th anniversary tour

“Opus Pro” is Latvian heavy rock band, that was established in 1986. Band`s “backbone” is lead singer Alex (real name – Olegs Andrejevs) and guitarist, songwriter Harijs Zarins. “Opus Pro” was one of the most popular Latvian bands in 80s and 90s.

During its musical career, “Opus Pro” recorded five studio albums – “Birthday” (“Dzimene”) (1996), “I`m going to steal you” (“Es eju tevi zagt”) (2000), “Best songs” (“Labākās dziesmas”) (2002), “You and me” (“Tu un es”) in 2006 together with Alex`s daughter singer Aija Andrejeva, and “Story No.13” (“Stāsts Nr.13”) (2014). Last album received a “gold” status in 2014.

On 6th May the band will perform at Valmiera Culture Center. In their anniversary tour program, they have included their most popular pieces of the last three decades – “Rozā lietus”, “Dzimene”, “Šonakt”, and, of course “Brīvību Baltijai” – one of the brightest Latvian Awakening time hymns.

Tickets available here.

Reach a peak of musical Olympus with “Leningrad”!

Russian rock band Gruppirovka Leningrad (“Ленинград”) is visiting Riga and will give a massive performance on 6th May at Arena Riga.

“Leningrad” has demonstrated that they don`t need to be praised because of their old hits. In Riga you`ll hear completely different “Leningrad” – always youthful, ruffian, modern, and, as always – super enthusiastic!

“The most delicious laughs belong to those, who laugh about themselves”, says the band`s leader Sergey Shnurov. Self-irony and fame denial are only couple of things that people can relate to when watching Sergey on stage.

Don`t miss this crazy party and get your ticket here.

Sincere Mother`s Day concert with popular Latvian artists

On 7th May at Jelgava Culture Center, famous Latvian artists will perform in a concert “My Story” (“Mans stāsts”), which will be dedicated to Mother`s Day.

“The concert will be as an emotional and personal story about our dear mothers. You can`t be a mother for one day – it is a life-long story. Relationship is formed already when the baby is still in mother`s belly, but the real story begins when its born. Of course, mother`s unconditional love accompanies the kid throughout the whole life. This is why I want to build the concert through a personal prism – beloved artists will not only sing, but also share their stories and memories of their moms,” says the concert director Intars Resetins.

You`ll hear many artists – actors Rezija Kalnina,  Gints Andzans and Kristaps Rasims, singers Marts Kristians Kalnins, Mara Upmane-Holsteina, Ieva Akuratere, Olga Rajecka, Ginta Krievkalna, singing actor Varis Vetra and children`s ensemble “Dzeguzite”.

Tickets available here.

A cappella art with “Latvian Voices” and “Septem Viri”

On 8th may at the Great Guild, you`ll have the chance to experience an amazing a cappella concert by Latvian vocal group “Latvian Voices” and vocal ensemble from Flanders “Septem Viri”.

“Latvian Voices” has created individual vocal style while using their voices as musical instruments. Voices are mixed together with various nation ethnic music intonations, especially Latvian folk music sound, and then elements from traditional choral and pop music are added. Most of the group`s repertoire is arranged and composed by group`s members and that makes “Latvian Voices” truly unique.

“Septem Viri” is a great a cappella music value. In their numerous concerts in Belgium and elsewhere in Europe, they always try to reach one goal: to give the audience a carefree evening. “Septem Viri” always gives a high quality performance, which they simply describe as “creation of beautiful music”.

Purchase your ticket here.

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