Weekend TIPS

Enjoy the beauty of nature and visit Ungurmuiza Manor, where percussionist`s Nils Ile music studio will give a performance called “A journey through time” (“Ceļojums laikā”)

Different folk instrument vibrations and instrumental improvisations have united like-minded musicians that play in the studio. They can easily lead you to emotional experience encouraged by magic of rhythm.

The percussion group`s performance at Ungurmuiza is conceived as an organic musical sequel next to the Sigita Lapina photo exhibition “The invisible visible. 4 elements” (“Neredzamais redzamajā. 4 stihijas”) at Ungurmuiza 2nd floor.

If you want to have a peaceful weekend outdoors – be sure to visit Ungurmuiza (It`s 80 km from Riga)

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 Up for some jazz?

On 30th April at Omas Briljanta Istaba in Riga, two lovely singers – Beate Zviedre and Liva Dumpe – will show off their vocal skills while singing some great jazz songs.

Beate Zviedre is a vocalist with a subtle and nuanced voice, wide range, and she has a wide musical experience. A few years ago she graduated from Riga Dome Choir School`s conducting department, but Beate feels confident enough in jazz music as well.

Liva Dumpe studies jazz vocal and this year participated in Riga Jazz Stage where she ended up in the 3rd place.

You need to hear these young talents!

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“Lexsoul Dancemachine” at Tallinn International Festival “Jazzkaar”

“Jazzkaar” is one of the biggest jazz festivals in the Baltic States, taking place since 1990.

On 30th April you`ve got a chance to hear funk musicians “Lexsoul Dancemachine” live! The band says about itself that it is a raw smoking hot funk beast and it`s here to wake you up, make you stomp your feet and jive!

Sounds like a perfect weekend plan!

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Celebrate summer 2016 at “Tims Mints”!

One of the coziest bars/cafes in Riga – “Tims Mints” – is celebrating summer with some great concerts outdoors – just in the yard nearby.

On 1st May you will have a chance to try some wine from Aizpute Winery and listen to some of Riga`s favorite musicians.

At 18:00 Kristaps Bedritis will step on stage. Kristaps music is a blend of acoustic, deep and melancholic tunes with a dark twist and a light at the end of the tunnel.

Later at 19:30 alternative metal/rock band “Pūķa Gars” will recharge everyone with some powerful music. The band listens to artists like Ozzy, Black Label Society, Pērkons, Rebel Riot and others – if you are a fan of a more heavy music, this band is for you!

The concert`s last artists will be rock`n`roll band “The Big Bluff”. The band says that their main trump is their powerful, soulful and blasting performances. They are the kind of band you need to see live.

Be sure to visit “Tims Mints” because, as they say – “In this house we`re family”!

Tims Mints

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