TMW 2017 artist application round closes on 1st November

Attention musicians near and far! Want to play at the festival where Eastern, Western and Central European traditions collide in a weeklong celebration of talent, curiosity and creativity? Tallinn Music Week awaits for your applications until 1st November.

The ninth edition of the city festival, showcase event and music industry conference Tallinn Music Week (TMW) will take place in Tallinn, Estonia from 27th March to 2nd April 2017. Attracting some 35,000 fans plus 1,000 music industry players yearly, TMW has secured its place among one of the more exciting music events in Europe and has been acknowledged as an attractive tourism destination by the likes of The Guardian and New York Times.

Apply to be considered for an official performance at TMW!

Applications from any regions and music genres are welcome!
The festival line-up, spanning from outsider experimentalists to chart-pop stars and from folk innovators to classical acts, is put together on the basis of online submissions.
Last year we received an all-time record number of applications with over 250 acts from 33 countries confirmed to perform at the festival. Among the notable acts who have performed at the festival throughout the years are British folk legend Vashti Bunyan and post-punk troopers The Membranes, Swedish electro-pop sensation Kate Boy and Finnish synth-pop troubadour Jaakko-Eino Kalevi. Among the acts who have successfully tested their breakthrough potential at TMW and moved on to bigger stages are Danish dark rockers Get Your Gun, Belarusian cold-wave group Super Besse, and Estonia’s very own folk innovators Maarja Nuut and Trad.Attack!.

Damien McGuinness, BBC:

“This festival is a stimulating mash-up between innovative music, ancient folk songs, international politics and human rights — a Baltic speciality that is a natural fit in this fascinating region. That’s because music in Estonia is about more than simply listening to something funky. Throughout Estonia’s history song has been political. During centuries of foreign oppression music safeguarded a unique national identity. And in the dying days of the Soviet Union, song galvanised the opposition movement that led to national independence. Today Tallinn shows that artists can still help save the world.”


TMW 2017 dates: 

27th March – 2nd April: TMW Tastes, TMW Talks, TMW Cityspace

28th March – 2nd April: TMW Arts

30th March – 1st April: music festival (the evening showcase programme)

30th March – 1st April: City Stage (the daytime live programme)

31st March – 1st April: TMW conference

1st – 2nd April: Design Market

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