Then&Now: Linda Leen

Latvian music diva Linda Leen is currently working on some new music (and we are super excited). Her emotional performances and velvety yet powerful voice has filled the concert halls every time she performs. Let`s look back at when Linda just started her musical journey.

Linda Leen THEN

Linda`s musical career begun when in 1998 she won in the young singer contest Next Century Stars. The very next year she performed at Latvian Music Record Awards ceremony.

In 2000 her musical career started to bloom – she took part in Eurovision national selections and got to the finals with her song “Let`s go insane”. Later that summer she sang as the opening act at Mezaparks open-air stage before “Pet Shop Boys” concert. She also became the laureate of popular music contest “Wave 2000” (“Vilnis 2000”). At the end of year 2000 Linda released her debut album “Let`s go insane” and won Latvian National Television Music Award in the category “Best female singer”.

Linda`s career started to develop and improve when in 2001 she won Latvian Music Record awards for “Best debut” and “Best Pop & Rock album”, but her recently released album reached Gold disc status.

In 2003 Linda played the main role in the audience`s favorite musical “Cabaret”. She also recorded a song “She-bear” (“Mедведица”) together with Russian band “Mumiy Troll”. Later in 2006 her interview with prestige magazine “Vogue” (Russian edition) was published, and her song “Electric Kiss” was nominated for “Best pop song”.

In 2008 Linda Leen presented and later published her second album “Chameleon”, which was nominated for Latvian Music Record Award the next year. But in 2009 she released her DVD “Concert at opera” (“Koncerts operā”).


Linda Leen NOW

During couple of years Linda released album “TWO. Best duos. 2000-2010” (“DIVI. Labākie dueti. 2000-2010”), DVD “Live at Arena” and went on a tour “DEMO” where she realized a unique concept – she played demo versions of the songs from her upcoming album.

In 2014 the singer celebrated her 15 years on stage and gave a concert “CLASSICS” (“KLASIKA”) at Amber Hall. It received the admiration of critics and the audience and was released in DVD and CD formats.


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