THEN&NOW: Aija Vitolina

Aija Vitolina (commonly known as Amber) has returned to the music stage with a new solo program “My Baby Shot Me Down”, which she will perform on 6th May at music hall “Daile”. Her stage life has been colorful – let`s look back!

Aija Vitolina THEN

Aija Vitolina started her musical career in 2001 as a backing vocalist for many popular Latvian musicians, such as Marija Naumova and Janis Stibelis. In 2001 Aija also took part in a competition, in order to win a place in a girl band Rimmel Rose, along with singers Ladybird and Lily. Aija was chosen for the group, but unfortunately the project was never implemented.

Then Latvian musician and composer Niks Matvejevs offered Aija to record songs for Riga`s 800th-anniversary CD together with Riga Dome Choir School boys’ choir.

Her solo career begun in 2003 in young musician`s group The Spirit Shadows – the project was an idea of musician Deniss Pashkevich.

From 2004-2006 Aija was the finalist of Eurovision Song Contest national selection`s in Latvia.

In 2005 Aija begun a successful cooperation with a producer and a creative personality Viktors Runtulis in musical projects called Tango Sin Quinto. She then also performed together with Intars Busulis, Uldis Marhilevics, Laimis Racenajs in an energetic and colorful project Viva La Bomba.

Aija`s dreams came true in 2006, when she took part in annual Cabaret performance “Cabaret Allez”.

During year 2007 Aija gained an interesting experience when she first stepped on Liepaja`s theater stage and took part in Janis Lusens opera – melodrama “Agrā Rūsa” (“Early Rust”). She also played in theater performances like “Teiksma par Zigfrīdu Annu Meierovicu” (“Tale about Zigfrids Anna Meierovics”), “Sniega karaliene” (“The Snow Queen”) and “Burvis no Oza zemes” (“The wizard of Oz”).

In 2008 Aija worked together with composer Karlis Lacis within concert “Ziedonis.Lācis.Sievietes” (“Ziedonis.Bear.Women”). She also continued preparing for a new Cabaret performance Cabaret Artelis.


Aija Vitolina NOW

Aija continued performing and releasing new songs, but now, in 2016, she comes back with a special solo program “My Baby Shot Me Down”. In the program will be included various style and time artists, such as Nancy Sinatra, “The Beatles”, “Jefferson Airplane” and others.

““My Baby Shot Me Down” are feelings about the two, about us, about that sometimes we walk away from each other in order to meet again,” says Aija. “We walk away to meet again in another form. Better. Smarter. More experienced. I love that we have an opportunity to radically change rules of our life, while also changing the events.”

Tickets for the concert available:

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