The Pink Elephant released new album “Cassette Concert”

After the release of The Pink Elephant’s debut album on the 28th of April 2015 things started to move fast. The band embarked upon a Baltic Tour (7 concerts) passing by Vilnius, Valmiera, Cēsis, Tartu, Tallinn and Pärnu. And when summer came along, it brought a lot of festivals (10 concerts) with it: from Bliuzo Naktys and Vilnius Psych Fest in Lithuania to Positivus and Laba Daba in Latvia and Pärnu Blues Fest in Estonia. After so much travelling The Pink Elephant settled down for 12 days to record the new album in the park and basement of the school where Edvards and Alberts got to know each other. ‘It felt like coming home after being on the road for a while’ says Edvards.

The recordings led to The Pink Elephant’s second album called ‘cassette concert’. 10 cassette players with the new album in it will be spread in Riga, asking people to listen to the album and pass it forward afterwards. In that sense it becomes a small concert. Firstly, because the album is recorded live and all arrangements happened in those 12 days. Secondly, because people are likely to listen to the album only once or a couple of times before handing it over to friends, family or strangers. The Pink Elephant is aware of the difficulty of this task – to give up on something, not to keep it to yourself – but this idea is based on a complete abandonment. Alberts explains: ‘We give you the chance not to be selfish, not to be greedy, but to love and to bestow’.

Cassettes are analogue; they only have one application: signal processing. The Pink Elephant won’t issue any digital copies; the album is only available on tape. Innumerable albums are published daily on the internet which make most of us bored and worn out, just because of the overload of information. The Pink Elephant wants to grab your attention in depth for a short moment, for you to devote a minute to just listen to their new album. And therefore analogue cassettes were chosen. Maybe one day the cassette will end up in the hands of a friend, and you will meet it again, or perhaps it will live on in lovely, nostalgic memories, like a beautiful concert.


The Pink Elephant – Space Journey

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