The most beautiful “Sunset Festival” featured by James & Damien Rice

Charismatic “James” and melancholic Damien Rice in Sigulda castle ruins

Continuing last year’s session of concerts in Sigulda Castle Ruins, L Tips Agency presents to Sigulda inhabitants and their guests an exquisite, modern music enjoyment at the sunset – “Sunset Festival”. In the framework of this festival on July 3 will perform Irish folk and indie musician Damien Rice and on July 6th will perform British alternative rock band “James“. This name is given to the festival not by the accident – it’s the sunset, when all Sigulda and river Gauja nature illuminates the special shades and captivates with its uniqueness. There is no other so picturesque and harmonious place, therefore the organizers of “Sunset Festival” intend to keep inviting world-renowned artists, allowing the audience to enjoy their performances in a unique atmosphere.

Damien Rice is irish folk and indie rock musician and producer, who is well known with his ballades, which are used in films and tv shows. He equally well manage piano, guitar, clarinet and percussion instruments. special prominence acquired such songs like The Blower’s Daughter (dzirdama filmā “Tuvāk” (Closer) ar Džūliju Robertsu un Džūdu Lovu), Cannonball, Cold Water, 9 Crimes, I Don’t Want To Change You, Volcano etc.

“James” – British alternative rock group – was founded in Manchester in 1982. Their career developed particularly successfully during 90’s, and so it continues to this day, by issuing a new, demanded records.


Their most well-known singles are Sit Down, Getting Away With It All (All Messed Up) She’s A Star, Laid, Born Of Frustration and a number of other. In several countries, such as in their native UK and the US, as well as Latvia, “James” gained cult status. One of the reasons is certainly the “James” vocalist and leader Tim Booth, a charismatic personality who is also a dancer, actor and soloartist. So far the band has released 12 studio albums, several live recordings and DVDs, as well 4 compilations, which all together are sold at least in 25 million copies.

On 18 March, the band has released their most recent studio album “Girl At The End Of The World”. Which in the first week almost overtook the British top leader Adele’s album “25”. This is “James” one of the most highly evaluated achievements of the whole career. A wider audience is likely addressed by the single Nothing But Love, which is proving a great hit potential.

Pre-sale starts on Thursday, April 28th at 10:00 in whole “Bilesus serviss” network and



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