The Legendary “Behemoth” to Headline at “Devilstone”


“Devilstone” festival proudly presents the most significant name in its line-up: the one and only “Behemoth”! These scandalous blasphemers from Gdansk, Poland will be visiting Anyksciai, Lithuania this summer, from 14th to 17th of July.

“Behemoth” is the pride of Polish heavy music scene. The band members were the ones to lay the foundation of extreme metal in their country back in 1991, and they still are recognised as authority figures. Today, “Behemoth” has ten albums in their discography and many shocking facts in their history. The band’s controversial ideas and themes of the occult are greatly valued in the extreme music world and have earned “Behemoth” the attention and respect of the masses.

The band’s front man Adam Nergal Darski is a marvellously talented and charismatic personality. He had to go through many wicked roads to earn the right to create the things he is passionate about, despite being criticized for that. Nergal’s intriguing persona is revealed in detail in his autobiography, Confessions of a Heretic; he also materialises his creative potential in business. His name is widely known outside the metal scene since 2011 when he joined the judges’ panel in the Polish version of “The Voice”.

“Behemoth” are highly adored and followed by their fans. However, widely preaching such outspoken and fearless attitude as they do entails various scandals: for example, “Behemoth” is still on trial for destroying the Holy Bible on stage back in 2007. Nevertheless, the band has no intent to change their point of view: their latest album The Satanist (2014) is an explicit opposition to religious dogmas. This is a brutal, though somewhat atmospheric piece of art, illustrated by music videos full of black metal iconography and aesthetics.

“I’ve always been very fond of independence and autonomy and freethinking and freedom and intelligence“, Nergal claims in one of his interviews and explains that all symbols which embody these values are very important to him. He also states that he always feels this immense surge of energy which he shares with everyone around. “Devilstone” will provide an exclusive opportunity to witness this explosion: this summer, 14th to 17th of July in Anyksciai, Lithuania.

Tickets are sold at 35 EUR; they are available at the festival’s website and

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Then&Now: Linda Leen