The Briefing shares new song and release date for upcoming album Favourite Place

The Briefing – Favourite Place (Official audio)

The Briefing is an indie pop band formed in 2002 by four Latvian musicians, who since 2010 have been living and working in London. So far they have released two studio and one remix album. In 2008 album Funny Thoughts was nominated as the best alternative music album at the Annual Latvian Music Recording Award ( Latvian Grammy). The band members are singer, pianist and songwriter Kristina Dobele, Raimonds Dobelis (bass and programming), Juris Peterlevics (guitar and programming), and drummer and design artist Sandis Volkovs.

The new single Favourite Place is the band’s second single and the title track from the forthcoming album to be released February 10th on the legendary Latvian label Microphone Records. The new single and album will be available on all digital platforms world-wide platforms as well as on the band’s Bandcamp site.

Similar to the previous record Somewhere Else released in 2013, also the new album was recorded by the band itself. Great support in the mixing process was provided by sound engineer Francis Gorini, who completed the final mastering of both, the single and the whole album, in his London Mastering Studio.

All members of the band are the writers of the new musical material, but the lyrics was written by soloist Kristīne.

Kristīne: “I must admit that after the five years spent in London, we now feel here at home. I don’t think that anyone here cares about our origins. When singing I have developed English accent, so the listeners often think that we have been in London already for some 20 years. If once the audience associated us with jazz and Norah Jones, now it seems that we have gone a long way of development. We are satisfied with what has been done, and consider that this single and the forthcoming album present what The Briefing is today.”

Raimonds: “The entire upcoming album Favourite Place is the best what we have created so far. Since we did it on our own, the recording and mixing process took a long time, and we had unlimited time to experiment and transcribe songs just like we want it. The new album is stylistically similar to the previous Somewhere Else record – more guitars and less funk. “

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