The band „Ministry of Echology“ presents a new single from the upcoming album

Reggae/dub music band from Vilnius “Ministry of Echology” shares a new single from their second studio album “Wanderer”. The band will play album release shows in Lithuania: Klaipėda, Vilnius and Kaunas during January.

„Inna Vilnius City“ – love story based on real facts, which was accidentally “sung out” in the dub discotheque. Later the band started to rehearse it in the studio and now we can listen to what it became in the record. “It’s a kind of diary. The song is simple and clear as was the story behind it – story about love and a lucky accident” – says singer of the band Dominyka.

Ministry of Echology – Inna Vilnius City:

“Inna Vilnius City” – a piece that’s already appreciated by fans, who could have heard it performed during the solo concerts and festivals last year. However studio version of the song is not only for possibility to spread the song wider, but also a chance to hear all the details that has been added to make it beautiful by all of the band members.

All songs of the album “Wanderer” were recorded in May 2015 while residing in Ramsgate, city on the coast of England, in the recording studio “Big Jelly Studios” that is established in an old chapel. Album was produced and mixed by Tomas Verbaitis, a member of once famous in Lithuania pioneer ska-punk band “Dr.Green”. Wanderings of the band were depicted on the album cover by graphic designer Pijus Burakas.

Although all the songs of the album are united under the reggae genre, the mood of each song is quite different. You could cheerfully dance while listening to “Inna Vilnius City” or “Dance It away”, then calm down and think with “How Much Longer”, enjoy almost orchestral “No Fight” and finish the album with a wistful closing song “Away From Home”.

The album will be released in digital and CD formats in January 2016, it is also planned to release it in LP after a while. “Wanderer” will be released by the label of alternative music “Muzikos zona”. It will be possible to buy a CD during the presentation concerts or listen to it on internet through such platforms as “Bandcamp”, “Deezer”, “Spotify”, “Itunes” etc.

“Ministry of Echology” will present their album in three biggest cities of Lithuania: 9th of January in Klaipėda in live music venue “Kaštonas”, 14th of January – in Vilnius in “Loftas”, 22nd of January – in Kaunas in live music venue “Orixo”.

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