Tallinn Music Week announces music programme of 2016 festival

Tallinn Music Week announces music programme of 2016 festival

The music programme of the eighth Tallinn Music Week (TMW), taking place from 28th March to 3rd April has confirmed 237 artists from 33 countries. Finnish Flow and Tuska festivals will present their own stages at TMW. From today single concerts tickets are also on sale through Estonian Piletilevi. 

TMW has become a major meeting point of creative communities from Western, Central and Eastern Europe and an attraction for music, culture and food fans from the whole Nordic-Baltic region. A record number of 1300 artist applications from all over the world were submitted to the festival this year. TMW has confirmed 237 artists from 33 countries, among them 116 from Estonia, 24 from Finland, 15 from Denmark, 14 from Russia, 9 from the UK and 8 from Poland and 7 from Latvia. From further regions the TMW line-up includes musicians from Morocco, Lebanon, Angola, Australia and US.

Among the most notable international names are Eric Copeland from Brooklyn’s avant-rock band Black Dice, Mancunian post punk legend The Membranes, the elusive and enigmatic cult group The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus from Liverpool, the leader of Moscow’s beat scene Pixelord, and Canadian Kara-Lis Coverdale, a rising star of conceptual electronica. The “anti-band” K-X-P, a dashing synth-pop troubadour Jaakko Eino Kalevi and Liima, a joint project by impro-musician Tatu Rönkkö and members of Danish indie group Efterklang bring the best of Finland. An Estonian-born world class conductor Kristjan Järvi will join forces with DJ World Champion Mr Switch from UK. Among more than hundred Estonian acts are the folk trailblazers Maarja NuutMari Kalkun and Trad. Attack!, experimental jazzist Maria Faust, glitchy sound designer ekke, noise-doom duo Talbot, Ewert and the Two Dragons’ guitarist Erki Pärnoja, and all-women Chamber Choir Sireen.

The three-day music programme of TMW from 31st March to 2nd April presents a multi-genre mix of cutting-edge acts and established heavyweights from avant-garde to pop, from dance to metal. The programme also presents classical and contemporary music, the last festival’s hit debut classical music rave, promo stages of the best Finnish festivals Flow and Tuska, and the joint stage of UK label FatCat Records and Estonian Üle Heli festival.

The big opening party of TMW music programme will be held on Thursday, 31st March in Kultuurikatel with the classical music rave of the Belgian one-man-revolution Brendan Jan Walsh in the spectacular Hall of Cauldrons.

One of the opening day’s highlights is the performance of “Turntable Concerto” of the London-based cross-over composer Gabriel Prokofiev by chamber orchestra Glasperlenspiel Sinfonietta and DJ Mr Switch, conducted by Kristjan Järvi in the newly opened black box of Kultuurikatel. This will be followed by Eric Copeland’s live set and the joint performance of The Membranes with Estonian all-female Chamber Choir Sireen – a sequel to the big bang style clash of punk and choir music in Tallinn’s Cinema Sõprus last September.

The Flow festival of Finland will fill Kultuurikatel on Friday night. An “OFF Flow” special event presents Helsinki-born, Berlin-based psych dreamer Jaakko Eino Kalevi with vocalist Suad Khalifa, purveyor of water-proof house grooves Trevor Deep Jr, and renowned DJs from both shores of the Gulf of Finland.

Festival’s legendary hotspot Voh Krahl will be the venue for a collaboration of Finland’s biggest metal festival Tuska and Estonian Thrash Metal Club with a riveting lineup from Finnish thrash band Mokoma and Danish sludge metalists Helhorse along Estonian deathgrinders Goresoerd and noise-doom duo Talbot.

Weekend Festival Baltic, Intsikurmu festival and Estonian Funk Embassy will also join TMW as new organizers. The Weekend Festival stage in Club Hollywood presents an array of local EDM and d’n’b acts, including the chart-topping Cartoon. Intsikurmu will proudly present the Danish-Finnish indie super group Liima and Norwegian electro pop act Asbjørn at Cinema Sõprus. Estonian Funk Embassy curates the night of goodtime funk and soul at the Club of Different Rooms (Erinevate Tubade Klubi).

A club night of UK’s FatCat Records imprint 130701 and Estonian Üle Heli festival in the House of Blackheads will present an enticing line-up of contemporary composers, outside artists and folk stylists, among them UK’s The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesusand Estonian contemporary composer Aleksandr Zhedeljov.

New and exciting venues have also joined the TMW 2016 programme. Seaplane Harbour’s maritime museum will be filled with electronic soundtrack by the leader of Moscow’s beat scene Pixelord and Polish finest house producer Matat Professionals. Tallinn City Theatre’s Põrgulava stage will host a colourful selection of world music acts.

St Nicholas Church is the venue for Estonian baroque performer Corelli Consort, chamber choir Collegium Musicale and the string quartet of world famous Järvi music dynasty members Järvi Instrumentalists.

Rada7 presents a rocking programme in Sinilind on Friday with Danish psychonauts Narcosatanicos and Estonian artpunk squad St Cheatersburg. Viljandi Folk showcase will take over the Vaba Lava theatre in Telliskivi centre with the last year’s TMW Wire prize winner Maarja Nuut in lineup. This is also the venue for Jazzkaar and Estonian Jazz Association. Electronica and bass acts, among them Detroit Underground signee ekke will perform at the Club of Different Rooms and MIM Studio. Estonian indie label Eesti Pops curates a special solo project by Ewert & The Two Dragons’ guitarist Erki Pärnoja in Cinema Sõprus.

Raadio 2 presents its favourites on Friday at Von Krahl and on Saturday in Rock Café, Raadio Uuno presents an evening of Estonian mainstream stars at Rock Café, Lejal Genes label creates a line of hiphop and soul at Club Sinilind, F-Hoone hosts the Red Bull Music Academy’s selection of dj-s and producers, Kloostri Ait pub throws an ethno beat party and Woodstock/Rockstar’s is the perfect stage for World Clinic’s selection of punk and psychedelia.

TMW festival pass is available at TMW website for €50 until 21st March. The pass grants access to all clubs and venues and special offers within other festival programmes.

From today single concerts tickets are also on sale through Estonian Piletilevi.

TMW delegates pass grants access to the music industry conference on 1st and 2nd April is available at TMW website for €225 until 21nd March. Sign up as a delegate:

In addition to the music festival line-up TMW offers a series of free City Stage concerts, a selection of favourite eateries within TMW Tastes, among them the festival’s pop-up restaurant operated by Fellin Café from the small central Estonian town of Viljandi. TMW Arts, curated by the Estonian Contemporary Arts Development Centre will focus on young and notable Estonian artists. Tallinn Craft Beer Weekend presents world-class microbreweries.

TMW 2016 dates: 28th March – 3rd April
28th March – 3rd April: TMW Tastes, TMW Talks
29th March – 2nd April: TMW Arts
30th March – 3rd April: City stages
31st March – 2nd April: festival main programme
1st and 2nd April: TMW Music Industry Conference, Tallinn Craft Beer Weekend
2nd and  3rd April: Design Market

TMW 2016 artists:

[ówt krì] (FIN)
0liver (EST)
Abandoned Elysium (EST)
Alex Mattson (FIN)
Alise Joste (LV)
Alpine Dub (EST)
Argo Vals Band (EST)
Asbjorn (DK)
Avarus Ensemble (EST)
Avoid Dave (EST)
Awlnight (BY)
Bad Habits Trio (EST)
Bad Karma Boy (SVK)
Barren Womb (NOR)
Batida (POR)
Begi K Morju (RUS)
Bisweed (EST)
Black Daniels (DK)
Black Laundry (EST)
Black Lotus Experiment (AT)
Bombossa Brothers (EST)
Bowrain (SLO)
caci Vorba (POL)
Capella (EST)
Caribace Dub Club (RUS)
Cartoon (EST)
Cause A Riot (FIN)
Chaozlevel (EST)
Cherokey (UKR)
Collegium Musicale (EST)
Corelli Consort (EST)
Curly Strings (EST)
Da Sweep (FRA)
Dave Storm (EST)
Deadpan Interference (DK)
Death Hawks (FIN)
Deep Shoq (LIT)
Def Räädu Massive (EST)
Demie (EST
DJ Switch (UK)
Djerro (EST)
Dmitry Evgrafov (RUS)
Dr. PhilGood (EST)
Duo Jansen/Jüssi (EST)
Duo Malva & Priks (EST)
E-orkester (EST)
Eric Copeland (US)
Eeter (EST)
ekke (EST)
Elifantree (FIN)
Elina Born (EST)
Emilie Levienaise-Farrouc (UK)
Endie & Kameu (LIT)
Erki Pärnoja: Himmelbjerget (EST)
Estoner (EST)
Estrada Orchestra (EST)
Eternal Erection (FIN)
Evestus (EST)
Exil (DK)
Faun Racket (EST)
Fingalick (LIT)
Flank (EST)
Frankie Animal (EST)
Garbanotas Bosistas (LIT)
Goresoerd (EST)
Grateful Däd (FIN)
Great Revivers (RUS)
Haigla Pidu DJd Ats & Kris (EST)
Hartyga (RUS)
Hatti Vatti (POL)
Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? (FIN)
HeadRead (EST)
Heavy Beauty (EST)
Heavyweight DJs (FIN)
Heimatt (DK)
Helhorse (DK)
Henri Hütt (EST)
Hey Elbow (SWE)
Hisser    (FIN)
Holy Motors (EST)
Horricane (EST)
I Wear Experiment (EST)
Iam Jones (USA)
Ingmar Gailit  (EST)
Ingrid Lukas (EST)
Insect (EST)
Introsvet (RUS)
Jaakko Eino Kalevi (FIN)
Janek Murd (EST)
Jansberg (DK)
Joe Kay (USA)
Junk Riot (EST)
Jüri Pootsmann & band (EST)
Kadri Voorand Quartet (EST)
Kammerkoor Sireen (EST)
Kara Lis Coverdale (CAN)
Karim Khneisser (LBY)
Karl-Erik Taukar (EST)
Kebu (FI)
Kerli (EST)
Kert Klaus (EST)
Kerttu (EST)
Keshob (EST)
Keymono (LIT)
Klaaspärlimäng Sinfionetta ja Kristjan Järvi (EST/USA)
Koala Voice (SLO)
Krick x 5LOOPS (EST)
Kriget (SWE)
Kristjan Hirmo (EST)
Kristjan Järvi (US)
La Boum Fatale (GER)
Laika Virgin (EST)
Laura & Joel Remmel Duo (EST)
Leigo ja Järvi Instrumentalists (EST)
Leni Kravac (SLO)
Lepaseree (EST)
Levski (EST)
Lexsoul Dance Machine (EST)
Leyya (AT)
Liima (DK)
Lil’Tony (FIN
Lüki Prihoda (EST)
Maarja Nuut (EST)
Machineries of Joy (EST)
Małe Miasta (POL)
Mari Kalkun & Runorun (EST)
Maria Faust Sacrum Facere (DK)
Marten Kuningas & Miljardid (EST)
Matat Professionals (POL)
Me and my Drummer (GER)
meisterjaan (EST)
Merries (FIN)
MHKL     (EST)
MiaMee (EST)
Micucu (EST)
Middlemist Red (HUN)
Mindswitch (EST)
Mirjam Tally & Meelika Hainsoo (EST)
Moa Pillar (RUS)
Mokoma (FIN)
Mörbid Vomit (FIN)
Motobor (EST)
Mustelide (BY)
Napoleon Gold (LUX)
Narcosatanicos (DK)
Nastja Kreison (EST)
Niklavz (LV)
Nils Gröndahl     (DK)
Noah Kin (FIN)
Okay Funky (DK)
Oligarkh (RUS)
Öökülm (EST)
Out-Or (EST)
Ozols (LV)
Pixelord (RUS)
Planeet (EST)
Pok (EST)
Psychea (RUS)
Pur Mudd (EST)
Puuluup (EST)
Rauhatäti & Tes La Rok (FIN)
Raul Saaremets (EST)
Raumskaya (RUS)
Rebel Angel (EST)
Renzo Alexander van Steenbergen (NL)
Resina (POL)
Retro Future (DK)
Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus (UK)
Rigas Modes (LV)
Ruslan PX Band (EST)
Rusty Mustard (EST)
Sädelev Kass (EST)
Samuli Kemppi (FIN)
San Hani x San Kry (EST)
Sander Kadajane (EST)
Sander Mölder (EST)
Sattuma (RUS)
Science of Silence (EST)
She Bit Her Lip (EST)
Sheep got waxed (LIT)
Shipsea (LV)
Shitney (DK)
Shromik (EST)
Sigmatron (UK)
Silver Sepp (EST)
Soda Fabric (GER)
Sofia Rubina (EST)
Soniamiki (POL)
Sotei (POL)
Spiro (UK)
St Cheatersburg (EST)
Stam1na (FIN)
Stereo Hypnosis (ISL)
Stiletti Ana (FIN)
Sturle Dagsland (NOR)
Talbot    (EST)
Tam i Tut (EST)
Tatran    (ISR)
Teleport (BY)
The Brackets (EST)
The Chikitas (CHE)
The Elliotts (AUS)
The Hearing (FIN)
The Lytics (CAN)
The Membranes (UK)
The Princes (EST)
The Roseville Band (UK)
The Scribes (UK)
Theodor Bastard (RUS)
Thing (EST)
Thrashless (EST)
Three Leg Dog (EST)
Trad.Attack! (EST)
Trevor Deep Jr + Niko Marks (FIN)
Triana Park (LV)
Tricky Monday (EST)
Trump Conception (EST)
Tuulikki Bartosik (EST)
Ütsiotsõ (EST)
Ventolin (CZE)
Very Cool People (LV)
Voorand/Koikson/Sooäär/Daniel (EST)
Waelder (AU)
Wazar (UK)
Weekend Guitar Trio (EST)
woldemare (EST)
Würffel (EST)
Xenony (POL)
Yukon Blonde (CAN)
Zebra Island (EST)
Zohara (ISR)

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The city festival Tallinn Music Week (TMW), Music Estonia and Estonian song contest Eesti Laul will organize a first professional songwriting camp in Baltics on 30th and 31st March.

A record number of participants logged for „Riga Jazz Stage” contest!