Robert Wilson I Mikhail Baryshnikov: LETTER TO A MAN

LETTER TO A MAN Robert Wilson Mikhail Baryshnikov tratto da i Diari di Vaslav Nijinsky testo di Christian Dumais-Lvowski drammaturgia Darryl Pinckney musiche Hal Willner costumi e trucco Jacques Reynaud collaborazione ai movimenti e voce recitante Lucinda Childs light designer A.J. Weissbard collaboratore alla scenografia Annick Lavallée-Benny collaboratore alla regia Nicola Panzer sound designer Nick Sagar / Ella Wahlström video designer Tomek Jeziorski assistente alla regia Fani Sarantari direttore di scena Thaiz Bozano direttore degli allestimenti Mauro Farina direttore tecnico Chris McKee supervisione alle luci Marcello Lumaca truccatrice Natalia Leniartek delegato di produzione Simona Fremder un progetto di Change Performing Arts e Baryshnikov Productions commissionato da Spoleto Festival dei 2Mondi, BAM for the 2016 Next Wave Festival, Cal Performances University of California Berkeley, Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA in collaborazione con Teatros del Canal Madrid, Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo/Monaco Dance Forum produzione esecutiva CRT Milano un ringraziamento particolare a the Vaslav and Romola Nijinsky Estate PREMIERE July 7th 2015

Iconic director and legendary artistic performer have joined artistic forces to create a new performance work “Letter to a Man”. However this will be first time when show of the world-famous director will be available for viewers in Latvia.

“Letter to a Man” is based on famous diaries of Russian dancer and choreographer Vaclav Nijinsky, adapted by Darryl Pinckney.

Nijinsky (1889-1950), while in his prime, was recognized as the most celebrated male dancer in the Western world, performing with Sergei Diaghilev’s renowned Ballets Russes. Then, in his twenties, Nijinsky began to go insane. His diaries, written from January 19 to March 4, 1919, documented the young man’s descent into madness.

“This is staging is not about Nijinsky, per se. It is about a troubled man and his relationship with his art, with God, with family, with moral issues. We have avoided recreating anything. It is a strange parallel story about the voice of this person, not his physicality,” said Baryshnikov in an interview with The Guardian.

Latvian National Opera and Ballet 19:00 04.08.2016 
Latvian National Opera and Ballet 19:00 05.08.2016 
Latvian National Opera and Ballet 19:00 06.08.2016 
Latvian National Opera and Ballet 19:00 07.08.2016 

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