Photo by Janis Romanovskis

The band “Rihards Libietis Orchestra” have released new musical composition and music video from the upcoming album “Willful Blindness” set to be released at the end of May 2021. Author of the composition is Rihards Lībietis, and the idea for the music came last spring, during the first self-isolation period. “Driftwood Island” tells about movement and passage of time, but not in their obvious sense – more like driftwood on the shores, having experienced an unimaginable journey before ending up there. 

“In this work I feel a very strong feeling of roots and introspection. Everything around us is in constant and unpredictable motion and it is unbelievably important to not lose your footing and self-reliance in all the unforeseen changes. Although it was not initially planned when working on this composition, the worrying events in the world can also be felt in there,” says Rihards Lībietis.

“Driftwood Island” was filmed at the seaside on a winter day and captures the powerful and moving emotions of the music. The video was filmed and directed by Laima Jaunā, the composition was recorded in “Amfo Music Studio” Riga by Toms Lisments.

“With this video I tried to bring the viewer in the world of dreams and illusions: where surreal landscapes, mirroring sky and band members as dreamy characters lure the viewer in never-ending thought labyrinths with every frame,” the feeling of the video is described by its director Laima Jaunā.

“Driftwood Island” is the second single from the band’s upcoming fourth album “Willful Blindness”, set to be released at the end of May 2021. And to be able to finish the making of the new album “Rihards Lībietis Orchestra” launched a crowdfunding campaign (hosted by the crowdfunding site “Projektu banka”/”Project Bank”) with an online concert on Rihards Lībiets YouTube channel.

“This album has been in production for the majority of last year and was recorded in autumn of 2020. We have poured a lot of time, care and love into it. Coincidentally, the making of this album coincided with the epidemic and all of its consequences,” comments the leader of the band and the author of the music Rihards Lībietis.

“Somehow this album has been constantly plagued by hardships and financial troubles. Musically, this album definitely has the most layers out of all the other albums which we have released so far. Contrasting themes and powerful soundscapes, this album is meant to touch on complicated themes. We believe that it is very important to finally finish this album so we can present it to our listeners and so we can move on,” adds Rihards . “We decided to make the crowdfunding campaign because it is a wonderful way to support good and creative ideas which need finances to achieve.”

Rihards Libietis Orchestra_Willful Blindness

The band’s cello player Erna Daugaviete also added: “It’s plain to see that in recent days many artists of different types deeply miss the opportunities to present their art to a wider audience.  Especially musicians and dancers. During the last year we all have experienced a huge spectrum of emotions, that it’s hard not to express it through our art. We long for listeners we could tell at least a fraction of the stories that comes from the language of our souls. Through music one can say many things. Music has the power to heal both the player and the listener. Obviously, an online concert doesn’t have the same energy exchange as a live concert but for now this is the only way we can contact our listeners with our music.”

The crowdfunding project will be available to supporters on “Projektu banka” platform until 22nd of April.

The name of the album “Willful Blindness” refers to the desire of individuals refusing to acknowledge alarming things happening to oneself and everywhere else on the planet. The themes of the album are about each person’s responsibility to oneself, accepting one’s light and dark side, which creates a desire to learn and experience new things, strive to be responsible and believe in oneself.

Rihards Libietis Orchestra is a quintet performing instrumental, dynamic world music, mixing influences from African, Middle Eastern and Latvian Folk Music with Blues and Jazz. The band was formed in 2015, and has released 3 albums, the latest “Reflections EP” came out in Fall of 2018. Rihards Libietis Orchestra regularly performs in the Baltic area. The band consists of Rihards Lībietis (guitars), Gints Smukais (guitars), Jānis Polis (bass), Erna Daugaviete (cello) and Matīss Repsis (percussion).

Rihards Libietis Orchestra
Photo by Janis Romanovskis

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