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First Anchorfest promises to gather music, beer and street food lovers on Saturday, July 11th at the “Northern Anchor Brewery”!

Idea for the Anchorfest was born spontaneously, yet consequently when the leaders of concert agency “Aira Laiviņa Artists” met the captains of “Northern Anchor Brewery”. “Regular clients of “Northern Anchor” are already used to our creative ideas, concerts, storytelling events, film evenings and other community gatherings. After the compulsory break we all had to take in our social lives, this will be the first large public activity taking place in “Northern Anchor” this season. We want to make it even more special. City festivals or “mini fests” have become a great way to spend a lovely afternoon and evening enjoying good food and drinks with your friends and meantime avoiding spending a lot of time driving to the outskirts,” says one of the brew pub co-owners, brewer Dāvis Linde.

Program for July 11th will be full of powerful, dynamic and surprising performances, including legendary punk rock band PND, instrumental rock trio Doni Tondo, cosmic music representatives Galaxy Bosons, rock chamber orchestra Sonntags Legion and, perhaps, one of the most unordinary Latvian musicians Katrīna Gupalo. Highlight of the night or Secret Act as they like to be called will not disappoint any attendee but will be especially beneficiary for ladies. DJ Toms Grēviņš will be responsible for the elevated energy and heartbeat of the whole festival.

Brewery “Northern Anchor” is settled in the heart of Riga, 8 Matīsa street. Doors were first opened in February 2018. Ever since dozens of beer brews have been created and included in menu, and more recipes are on their way as taste experiments continue. “Northern Anchor” is one of the three breweries in Riga’s “Beer district” community.  

Along with several “Anchor’s” street food carts, our kitchen will be fully prepared to serve our clients as usual, also offering our best beer brews for you. Not a beer fan? No worries, there will be plenty of choices for you in the bar as well. Detoxing? Chill – we will get you as much water as you need.  

Entrance in “Northern Anchor’s” courtyard 8 Matīsa street will be available from 1 p.m. TICKETS available on site – EUR 8,00 includes your welcome beer (if you are 18+).

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