🇱🇻 RICK FEDS | Triangle Room (Live)



Performer, music producer and audio/visual artist that uses finger-drumming as the main technique for controlling all sonic and visual elements simultaneously. 

Feds is considered as one of the greatest finger-drummers of all times, but his tech innovations puts his work on a different scale and many believe it is growing into a creation of a new art form. His performances are very hi-tech oriented and highly intuitive, constantly pushing limits of dimensions a single individual can use as a platform of expression. For instance visuals, lights, ATMOS sound, 3D, Augmented reality, water fountains, fire works, etc. Feds has been on Ableton’s TOP 5 list for 2 years in a row and his mastery on the sample pad as well as the technical innovations have been described in music forums all around the world. 


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