Reinis Sējāns & Elza Leimane “THE CROW” at LNO

On 29th and 30th of November, and on 1st and 2nd of December – for four nights at the New Hall of the Latvian National Opera house a unique project “Crow”, created by two talented artists – composer and musician Reinis Sējāns and leading ballet soloist Elza Leimane, will be revealed.

“Crow” – a one-act flight is a story about a human. A story about the inner struggle of a human, about the ugly in the beautiful and the beautiful in the ugly, about approaching the danger and getting to know yourself again. A crow is a symbol, a significantly intellectual and beautiful bird that helps to tell the story in a way that anyone can recognize themselves in it.

One od the artists, the composer and musician Reinis Sējāns admits that he has always felt the love for movement and dance but for reasons he can’t explain, has never put it on stage alongside music as an equal way of expressing feelings.

Artists have known each other since school, but only recently have actually got to know each other for real. Reinis continues “This unexpected meeting turned out to be a turning point in the creative journey. There is a secret in Elza’s personality. That is exactly what I love about art and artists. As we are working together the feeling that our inner music wave receivers function in similar frequencies gets stronger and stronger.”

What do you think?

“Carnival Youth” tour’s closing show already tomorrow!

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