PYØR – Broke My Rules

PYØR (PYOR) is the stage name of Taronuhi Khachyan (Latvian: Taronuhi Hačjana), who is a charismatic singer, songwriter from Riga, Latvia. Her musical performances include music styles such as jazz, soul, pop, electronic and funk. Taronuhi herself composes music and writes lyrics of her songs.

“Broke My Rules” is her first big single which isn’t just a song about love, it represents the desire of being truly loved and treated with a respect.

Produced by Latvian youngster Makree, it features deep keys with energetic and anthemic drums and synths.

Without doubt and with secure confidence it can be assured that music is PYØR’s live-call, destiny and true love. Taronuhi is ready to continue working hard to be able to shine and make music as her lifetime success story and major to-be-achieved goal.

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