Red Bull Music Academy stage always offers its visitors exciting electronic music programme featuring the freshest global DJs. This year is no exception – DJ Mike Skinner & The Murkage from UK and straight out of Portugal – BRANKO.

Mike Skinnner, best known by UK garage project THE STREETS. Skinner teamed up with UK rap group Murkage to form a supergroup entitled Tonga Balloon Gang. He is also  known for his lyricism matched with his blurring of musical styles of UK garage, hip hop, indie rock, reggae and ska.


João Barbosa AKA Branko first became known on the International scene as the driving creative force in Buraka som Sistema, the worldwide phenomenon whose releases helped create a new attitude towards global sounds. The seminal collective is responsible for reshaping dance music culture and spawning a myriad of sub-genres that shaped the Global Club Music scene and were championed by the producer’s label Enchufada.

Positivus Festival is the largest music and arts festival in the Baltic States that takes place every year at Salacgrīva Fishermen’s Park, will be held on 15, 16, and 17 July in 2015.

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