Positivus Love Story: After a year we went to Positivus already together, after a half – got married.

I spent Friday night running around and organizing my own band’s concert, unfortunately I didn’t get to listen to any of the concerts that night. With the sun rising I found myself at the beach feeling like I can now finally start enjoying the festival, take the liberty of having my first drink, find some adventure, but in reality I could see wobbly young adults smiling and swaying on the horizon. I had a ladies company at that moment, we danced a little. That year the beach area was notably wide and even wider was the disco party in the sand. I specifically remember that moment when from about one-meter & something crowd a two-meter-high man’s face with intelligent features and focused look glanced right at me. I am, by nature somewhat proud, I act like I don’t notice anything. In fact, I have unappreciative look for meeting people at festivals, I am used to people not coming up to me, they say I seem arrogant.

Nevertheless my facial expression or my company of five girls, the brave man came up to me. He spoke to me, asked to go dance and stole me till it was lunch time. We talked a lot about life. Turned out we both were similar, lone wolves by nature. It’s not like we would run around giving our phone numbers to everyone. I told him to find me in the evening next to the stage at the “I love you” tent where my band (at that moment) The Sound Poets is going to perform. And then we just went each to our own direction, to sleep off our stolen night.

On the Saturday evening I was obviously there. So many people were there! In the tent, around the bushes and the pine trees. And no more weary faces, the crowd was going mad and people were loving The Sound Poets song “Kalniem pāri” . I was climbing up the stage taking pictures more than usual, but I did not see my newly met friend and he didn’t see me either. In truth, at the time I thought he didn’t come. But in fact, he didn’t just come to see me that evening but also tried to find me the next morning going around my camp site, but unfortunately I was no longer there.

I came back to Riga, put my phone to re-charge and at the first wimps of batteries percent THE message appeared on my screen. He had found me on Facebook on the ” The Sound Poets” group management page. Both haven’t slept at all we went straight on a date. After a year we went to Positivus already together, after a half – got married.

Happily ever after!

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