POSITIVUS Festival is among TOP 10 European middle-sized festivals!

The 10th Positivus Festival took place this summer from July 15-17 in Salacgrīva and for the second year in a row “European Festival Awards” (EFA) have placed it among TOP 10 middle-sized festivals. The top list each year is compiled from festival visitors votes and a special jury of 35 industry experts. Especially due to the keen competition it is a great joy and honour that Positivus Festival represents the Baltic States in this prestigious top this year.  

This year EFA received a record number of applications from festivals – 350 festivals in 7 categories from 50 European countries, also an unusual amount of festival visitors votes were received – more than 800 000 festival visitors voted for their favourites this year. 

It is a great pleasure and honour to be among such respectable competitors especially as it is tough to compete with the resources of other European festivals who can afford to spend significantly more for a festival. That’s why the organizing team would like to thank each and every one who voted for the Positivus Festival!

“European Festival Awardsawards best festivals since 2009. Winner of the “Best Medium – Sized festival” is determined in two rounds. First one took place from October 3 to 31 and visitors from all Europe voted for best European festivals, in their opinion, in 7 categories. In second round a special jury consisting of professionals from music industry, including festival promoters, music journalists and professional conference organizers, picked out TOP 10 festivals from 20 most voted for festivals among visitors and named the winner.

The winner of the category will be announced on January 11, 2017 in Groningen, Netherlands. Nominees for the “Best Medium – Sized festival” include “Off Festival” in Poland, “Melt! Festival” in Germany and “Best Kept Secret” in Netherlands. Iggy Pop who also headlined this year’s Positivus Festival has been nominated as the “Best Headliner” of the year.

More information about the award, festivals, nominees, artists and industry professionals can be found here:


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