New Year’s celebration is here and besides looking back at the year 2019 also a grand celebration is in order. Here are some highlights of NY party options in the Baltics. All you have to do – pick yours!



‘Piena svētki’ Festival and ‘Piétro’ Production present – Balkan Wedding Circus – New Year’s Eve party at Riga Circus. 


Let’s cheer the old with the new and the elder with the younger! New Year, New Life – Let’s erase memories, meet new friends and melt with the old, find meaning in life and celebrate nonsense.
The traveling New Year’s “Piena svētki” and “Kvartirnik” Circus continue their tour of Riga and this time revive the charming premises of the Riga Circus. The historic circus arena will be transformed into a Gypsy disco hall, an elephant house as a boudoir, and a dance club “Love Forever” will be housed in the rooms that are usually occupied by the theater troupe ‘Kvadrifons’.
The officially unofficial marriage chapel will be able to marry for life, next year or until morning.
Regina will be performing music dancing around the tables, DJ Baikal and DJ Mariash, Bombay and Contour, Kosmetique, aguccifox and others will perform with DJ sets.
Featuring a site-specific performance, “Fly Away Bride” will feature a pair of artists Daniel Storm and Arthur Wirtman, while Roy Rogers and Cortney X Modnaya will be offering the most scandalous performance of the first night of the New Year.
The event is held with the blessing of true faith and trumpet. Cheers!


New Year’s Resolution Carnival With The “Little Prince” (LV:Mazā Prinča Jaungada Apņemšanās Karnevāls)


This party will be all about Love that the Little Prince embodies.

Most charming city DJs will be performing tonight: TOMS GRĒVIŅŠ, ARTŪRS MEDNIS /Jaffa vairs nav modē, UFO.

Karaoke band CRAZY DAISY with whom anyone who wishes will be able to perform their favourite songs from 22:00

MC of the event: RENĀRS ZELTIŅŠ. Surprise appearance from Latvian music legend VIKTORS LAPČENOKS as well as many other surprises. And of course the hosts of this event, a.k.a., the princes of this night – the band THE LITTLE PRINCE (MAZAIS PRINCIS)


SATORI NY’s Eve – The Decadence Saloon


Magazine “Satori” invites to meet the new 2o-ties and go back to the Golden Century at the “Film Noir” saloon where on the Dececember 31st eve the very first “Satori” New Year’s Celebration “The Decadence Saloon” will take place.

Country music ansamble “Juuk”, DJ duo Džims & Marta, taro card reading and many more will be at your service.


Cabaret Absinthe – New Year’s Eve


In this year’s show, director Viktors Runtulis and his team will return to the 1930s, when venues for creative people and people who enjoy life started appearing in Europe and the US. Performers went on stage—alone and in groups—to sing, to dance, to read poetry, and someone else made a painting of the whole event at the same time.  Others came to enjoy these live shows, lost in absinthe and bohemian spirit.

The creators of the ABSINTS show will preserve this intimate performance format, inserting exquisite and impressive culminations involving all the characters of the show. The development of the show continues, as musicians, actors, choreographers, circus performers, costume and stage designers as well as the technical team working on something that will stop time and take the audience back into the early 20th century.


  • The ABSINTS concert show will take place in December 2019, at the H2O 6 Aisteres Hall (10 min. from Old Riga, with easy car access and parking; the capacity of the hall is 350 people seated at tables)
  • You are welcome to book tables on the following dates: 6, 7, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28 and 31 December;
  • Guests will be expected to arrive from: 20:00 Introduction: actors, artists, photographers, musicians working in the lobby and the hall. Background music playing in the room, waiters offering drinks and serving the tables;
  • At 20:45, part 1 of the ABSINTS concert show (1 hour). The performers include the jazz band, soloists, dancers, actors, acrobats, hosts etc.;
  • There will be an intermission after the first part (30 min);
  • Part two will also take one hour;
  • After the ABSINTS concert show, the informal part of the event will take place, with a DJ, a photo booth, and waiters serving the tables;
  • Ticket price: EUR 86.00 (the price includes a glass of sparkling wine and the first round of snacks).

New Years party with the band Very Cool People


NY Celebration At The Minox Bar

Table reservation includes Chef’s Jēkabs snacks for each guest at the table, as well as a welcome drink prepared specially for this night by Minox bartender Toms Remers.

Registration fee:

80€/pers entrance with a seat at the table.
40€/pers entrance space at the bar.

For any questions contact: Anna, +37129210132,


Sparkling NY’s Night at The Riga Latvian Society House


Riga Latvian Society House invites everyone to meet the New Year  together with the Latvian composer Mārtiņš Brauns, musicians Normunds Jakušonoks and many others.

Timeplan of the event:

22.00-23.00 concert with Mārtiņš Brauns and singer Zane Gudrā,
23.10-23.40 meeting with Santa Claus, fortune teller and many other activities,
23.50-00.00 President of Latvia New Year’s speech live broadcast,
24 10- 3.00 NY party with musician Normunds Jakušonoks and the band.


NY’s Eve at the very heart of the Riga City, at the banks of Daugava River

On December 31st from 21:00 till 03:00 of January 1st, 2020, Riga.

21.00 DJ [Ex] da Bass
22.00 Live music from the band COUNTRYSIDE
23.00 Atis Ieviņš & THE ROCK BROTHERS
00.00 NY’s Fireworks
00.15 Live music from rap-musician OZOLS
01.00 DJ [Ex] da Bass
MC of the event – Kārlis Anitens.

Entrance – free.



/ 2020: A Rave Odyssey / New Year’s Eve @LOFTAS


The mission has always been clear: the best parties in the universe. The kind that takes you to outer space. The ones that The ones that welcome locals from Earth and aliens alike.

New Year’s Eve is the official birthday of Loftas. It’s a party that’s been going on for ten years with no signs of stopping. Therefore at midnight we raise a glass:

To mission success.
To Loftas’ 10th birthday.
To another 10 years of never-ending fun.

1 night / 5 stages


2020 NYE // One Night Music Festival // 5 stages


Happy New Year – 2 seats, 5 scenes, all your favorite music styles and artists!

▼▼▼ Stages: ▼▼▼

Utopia – Alternative Arts Center

🔮 Psy / Hitech (Utopia) 🔮

☢️ Hardcore (Fabrikas) ☢️

💥 Drum and Bass / Tekno (Fabrikas)💥

💿 Elektroplazma / Experimental / LIVE / dub / Jungle (Fabrikas) 💿

💊 Techno / Acid (Fabrikas) 💊

Price at the door:


UTOPIA: 10eu


NaujaBalkanaktis Halėje 2020


or The Balkan Night. As soon as its first tunes start to play, the whole venue, irrespective of where it is, feels like it’s burning as a result of its sheer intensity.

RADIO BARBÃ – dj set (BE)
Followed by the guided rule of ‘Love, Sweat & happiness’. Radio Barbã is guilty for sore singing throats, painful dancingfeet and the sweetest vodka hangovers. From East to West, from North to South, Radio Barbã will take you on a trip to the promised land using the sweetest Balkan grooves, Cumbiaclassics, Gypsy tunes, Swingriddles and Spicy Oriëntals.

Originally rooted in Germany (Shut Up And Dance), where he played shows in Heidelberg, Munich, Berlin and Leipzig. 2 years ago, Hookaman established From DUB Till Dawn, a regular party series for DUB and Dancehall in Vilnius. Balkanaktis he will heat up the floor with a wicked dance selection.

Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital, was always the meltdown of the Baltic, Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, Jewish, German, Tatar, Karaite, British and Gypsy cultures. The homeland of Jascha Hefeitz, where every traditionalist backyard was still listening to the klezmer music wind coming from the East and the South, it is also a starting point for the Baltic Balkan project. This musical and performance artist endeavor was inspired by listening to original Yugoslav punk rock, as well as countless musical festivals in Europe and movies with a true Balkan (and Baltic) spirits.

Dresscode: Gypsy, Balkan, Mustache and Golden Teethss.

Music: Gypsy, Balkan Beat, Klezmer

Start: 22:00

Tickets: from 10 Eur


2020: Disco for Lovers NYE @PERONAS

Disco, love and champagne. Wax your shoes and iron your outfits, as this party has become a tradition and invites all romanticists to celebrate the new decade on a hot dance floor with sequins and champagne splashes. After midnight, we’ll open 20 bottles of champagne, raise our glasses for the new year and dance till dawn. The concert program will be taken care of by time-tested stage princes:






Ticket price: from 10 eur

Tickets on spot or ask at the bar. Price 10 eur.

Venue: PERONAS – Geležinkelio g. 6, 02100 Vilnius, Lithuania


Šviesus Rytojus @ Kablys + Club


Bright Tomorrow, noun, \ ˈbrīt tə-ˈmär-(ˌ)ō, -ˈmȯr-\

1: the hopeful day after the present.
2: the six-year-going tradition of “Kablys” club, the followers of which meet the New Year in the closed concrete halls of the club, surrounded with noisy techno and pretentious dancefloor esoterics, hidden in darkness, smoke, and reality-distorting lights, but knowing that before, through and after the bright tomorrow will be brought by the dawn.

—– Room 01
JOGAILA (Hooked On)
ADEPH (Black Wave)

—– Room 02
ONIS (4/4 Set)

Tickets on the door: from 15 €.

Venue: Kablys + Club, Kauno g. 5, Vilnius, LT.


Luxury 2020 New Year in Palanga: Masquerade Ball


New Year’s Eve in Palanga, true luxury with fragrance, party – MASQUERADE BALL.

For centuries, there have been legends about solemn banquets in the luxury palace for special guests only. Stylish ambience, magnificent decorations, ladies in cocktail dresses and gentlemen in tuxedos, airborne symphony of live music and champagne bubbles …

Clubs of the Night Dr.Who is inviting you to join us in the whirlwind of Masquerade Ball!

We appreciate the delicate taste, quality and tradition, so we trust the 2020 to be royal! The smiling New Year’s Eve party guests, the magical play of lights and the sea of ​​gourmet flavors will spell the magic of the night and will not miss the upcoming twelve months

DRESS CODE: Cocktail Casual (a combination of a jacket and / or white shirt, a cocktail dress for women). We recommend that everyone carry their masks with them. For those without them – we will give it to the entrance.


New Year’s Eve in Vilnius | 2020


The perfect evening scenario and the highest quality New Year celebration will be provided by the entertainment hall “Vakaris”, which will bring together the most talented artists and the best presenters, giving an evening full of dance rhythm music and sophisticated humor.

Moderators: Oleg Korsak (Lithuania), Aleksandr Loginov (Russia) and charismatic Anna Shaliutina (Belarus) will not let the audience get bored. Only in our festival – special program of three international presenters in Russian. Which means that on New Year’s Eve, no one will be left out of focus and will be in a good mood.

Musical program: It will create a cozy atmosphere and, as midnight approaches, it will be increasingly heated by the band “The Friends Band” coming directly from Riga. Charisma, pace, energy, top-notch musicians and the amazing voice of a soloist – this cocktail will inspire you to dance from the very first second!

One of the most welcome surprises of the evening is the New Year’s greetings with the most genuine Santa Claus!

Dancing to the best Russian music DJs in the morning will kick off the New Year.

Evening menu (included in the price):

* a glass of sparkling wine;

* one bite sandwiches;

* cold snacks

* cold meals;

* hot pork, poultry and fish dishes;

* desserts: fruits, baked goods, sweets.

Celebration start: 8 pm (doors open at 7pm). Festive dinner at 9 p.m.

Friends, you are welcome to enjoy your meal, photo zone and other pleasant surprises!

For tickets for larger groups call +37064693341 or


Space New Year with Planet Polar | @Tamsta Club


Planet Polar sings in Spanish, but it looks and sounds like three fairies who have just returned from the Dream Galaxy. From such a colorful space cocktail, spiced with electronics will invite you to dance … Watching and listening to a Planet Polar concert is like taking part in an extra-terrestrial but at the same time very heartfelt ritual.

After the concert – DJ Vaiper Despotin

DOOR: 8pm


STYLE: Tropical pop

TICKETS: 40 € Seating * | 25 € standing

For table reservations call +370 680 21 534 or email email





New Year’s Eve at the Freedom Square

On New Year’s Eve, a traditional concert with your favorite performers will be held on Vabaduse Väljak (Independence Square).

This year, Liis Lemsalu and Tanel Padar will perform with their bands. The concert will begin at 22.00 and will last until midnight.

This year, as in previous years, special attention at the New Year’s concert will be paid to safety. Vabaduse Väljak and its surrounding streets will be closed, and the police and security guards will keep order. Please remember that you aren’t allowed to attend celebration with drinks and pyrotechnics.

We urge everyone to get to the concert by public transport, which on New Year’s Eve will be on operating on a special schedule with added night depatures. (


New Year’s Eve Ball at the Estonian National Opera


The Estonian National Opera invites everyone to enjoy the dazzling moments of the traditional New Year’s Eve Ball! Come and dance to the symphony orchestra as well as to the music performed by Mart Sander and Swing Swindlers, enjoy the ballet performances “Youth Has No Age” and “Tango” by Jevgeni Grib and the festive atmosphere of the theatre. The Theatre Hall, Concert Hall, Estonia Restaurant, White Hall and Café Colombina are all yours! Hosts of the evening are the brilliant Juuli Lill and Reigo Tamm.


The ball starts at 19.30, the doors of the Estonian National Opera will open at 18.30.

Welcome-drink is served until 19.30. The visitors of the Estonia Restaurant are expected to enter through the door of the restaurant starting from 18.30.

18.30–01.00   Estonia Restaurant is open for pre-ordered meals.

18.30–19.30   Live music in the White Hall, Bianca Rantala (piano) and Siim Aimla (saxophone), cafés and bars are open.

19.30–20.15   Opening waltz and dancing in the Concert Hall, Estonian National Opera Orchestra, conductor Kaspar Mänd.

20.15–21.30   Pre-ordered cold buffet in the Blue Hall (valid only with a ticket for the New Year’s Eve Ball).

20.15–21.30   Live music in the White Hall, Bianca Rantala (piano) and Siim Aimla (saxophone), cafés and bars are open.

20.35–21.30   Dancing in the Concert Hall, Estonian National Opera Orchestra, conductor Kaspar Mänd.

20.45–00.30   Disco in Club Colombina, DJ Ammon.

21.40–22.50   Programm by the Estonian National Ballet in the Theatre Hall: “Youth Has No Age” and “Tango”. Staged by Jevgeni Grib. Performed to recorded music.

23.00–23.57   Dancing in the Concert Hall, Mart Sander and the Swing Swindlers. Soloists Tiina Adamson and Mart Sander.

23.58–00.00   New Year’s Eve greeting by the hosts of the evening.

00.00             HAPPY NEW YEAR in the Concert Hall.

00.01–00.45   Dance in the Concert Hall, Mart Sander and the Swing Swindlers. Soloists Tiina Adamson and Mart Sander.



NYE / Grande Finale / Club Hollywood / 31.12

NYE Grande Finale @ Club Hollywood

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let’s put a grand final to the decade!
Time to drink champagne, dance on the tables and party until morning!


FB GOING 00:00-01:00 10€
VIP TICKET: 20€ (provides entrance to our VIP balcony on the second floor of the club with separate bar, smoking area, toilets and best view to the stage and dance floor)

• 10 VIP tickets
• Entrance without a line
• Free cloakroom services
• Escort from entrance to your table
• A private table on the balcony of the main room – Beefeater VIP Lounge encircles around nearly the entire dance floor
• A bottle of spirits with soft drinks to share that you can pick out from our menuAll reservations must be prepaid.
• A bottle of champagne

Book a table +372 5305 8955 (Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00) or

Venue: Vana-Posti 8, Tallinn, Estonia
Doors: 23.00
Age limit: 18+
Table reservations to Beefeater Lounge:


Meet the magical year 2020 in Tallinn @ Pirita Marina Hotel & SPA


Last of old and first of the new year RETRO PARTY “Tallinn 1980” will take place at the sea view restaurant Regatta and Nautica banquet hall starting at 7pm!

Since Tallinn will in 2020 celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Olympic Games in Pirita, the creative DJ-team Retrodisko will be the main performer of the New Year’s party in restaurant Regatta and DJ Sass Nixon in Nautica banquet hall and they will play unforgettable dance music of the 80s straight from vinyl records.
The wizard appears to you, we hold a lottery and at midnight you can enjoy from the large windows of the restaurant the fireworks shooting over Tallinn.
Throughout the evening, an exciting special program is offered for children.
Gala dinner, including an unlimited amount of wine and a glass of sparkling wine in honor of the New Year 2020
At 23:00 we receive New Year’s greetings from the President of the Russian Federation and at midnight from the President of the Republic of Estonia.
DJ-team Retrodisko and DJ Sass Nixon will take care of the mood and unforgettable disco music until the end of the evening at 01:00


Nostalgic New Year’s Eve 2020 @Helitehas Club

Let’s welcome the New Year Nostalgically!

Remember that time when the cassette barked Nancy: “Gently hold me” … the blue Longero was on the subject and just lived in the EVERY DAY EVER!

It’s time to find your denim jerseys and miniskirts, as December 31st brings the True 90NDATE-looking MEGAPEO to the Helitehas!

Are you 16+ and you think, what’s the issue with all these 90’s? Why was it so powerful and what’s so special about this music? You don’t really realize before you come to the Helitehas and listened properly.

It was a mighty era that will never be forgotten and must be remembered from time to time. NB! 90s clothing is only good!


There is a photographer present who takes cool photos in the style of the 90s! Oh .. I’d like to see these pictures already! # nostalgia

It’s gonna be the best party in town, ironically! Whoever loses it will regret it for life …

TICKETS – 10 €

VIP TICKET 20 € [Separated area with the best stage view]

Dresscode: 90NDAD | Kappa, Adidas

Age rating: 16+

Venue: Helitehas, Madara 22a, Tallinn, Estonia

Doors: 11pm


Art.We New Year @Fotografiskas



We look forward to seeing you at a magical New Year’s party at Fotografiska!

31.12.19 at 23:00 The night is full of wonders and surprises!

Music brings you:

* Sofia Rubina live

* Bombossa Brothers

* Widenski

Good music, art, and unique lighting and visual installations are expected at the event.

The event will begin at 11 PM

Ticket information:

*** 15 € – party ticket / pre-sale

*** 21 € – party ticket + Fotografiska exhibitions combo-ticket / pre-sale

*** (Exhibition Halls open until 01:00)

On site:

*** 20 € – party ticket on site

*** 27 € – party ticket + Fotografiska exhibitions combo-ticket

*** (Exhibition Halls open until 01:00)

Table reservations:

Book a table with snacks and a selection of drinks for up to 6 people here ->

click on the button -> buy a ticket and you will find the table information below.

NB! The party takes place on the ground floor. Art.We do not get a ticket to the 6th floor restaurant.

Modern times call for modern solutions. We party in an environmentally friendly manner and cash-free! Make the change.

Venue: FOTOGRAFISKA – Telliskivi 60a-8, Tallinn




For the first time in our club history we’re officially hosting the new years eve – It means that we’re raising the bar once again.  What could be better than celebrating a new beginning in an environment, which is designed for happiness, joy and celebrations?
We are happy to invite all of our current and future friends to celebrate “the switch to 2020” with respected DJs across well-known party series.

DJ´s for the night:
Hurmet Ilus – Still Out, Raadio 2
Venno Varma- 9/11
Sten Roosvald
AV – Techno ist Liebe
Trip Advisor – AJAM



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