New models revieled in DJ [Ex] da Bass exclusive sunglasses collection

Last august, Latvian DJ [Ex] da Bass released an exclusive wooden sunglasses collection [EX] DA BASS COLLECTION. The collection was brought by Max Supreme, and was very well rated by a lot of well known Latvian celebrities. On this season, DJ offers his collections Black models with dark oaken frames, and of course – an unique new model for the ladies

“I’m very glad that I have so many people around me, who can appreciate a true value – this is the main factor why are we continuing our last years work. Yes, I have to admit – these glasses are a bit pricey, but you must remember that this product is handmade and not created for ‘wholesales’. The [EX] symbol and my autograph will be also embedded in the new models. Offer includes a stylish, specially designed leather case. Last summer [EX] DA BASS COLLECTION sunglasses were worn by: one of the worlds greatest rallycross championship riders – Reinis Nitišs, Latvian series Viņas melo labāk actresses contest finalist Raimonda Mazburša, first autocross champion lady in Latvia and Baltics – Beate Klipa, and many more,” proudly says [Ex] da Bass.

[Ex] da Bass 4am MIX to Justs – Hearbeat:

[EX] DA BASS COLLECTION Black presentation will take place in Jurmala beach bar Diwalli summer season opening event on 8th July, in which [Ex] da Bass will perform as a DJ.

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