Monday survival kit & life is beautiful

The average person will see 4000 Mondays in their lifetime. Don`t let them get to you! We have 5 ways to lighten your mood and get you through Monday.

Eat lots of chocolate

The smell of chocolate has been found to slow down brain waves, making us

feel calm. The sugar in chocolate may also reduce stress and make us more alert – don`t be shy and have a bite!



Keeping healthy through regular exercise can also make you happy. You don`t have to be mega fit like guys from “Brainstorm”, but try and add a bit of exercise to your daily routine and you`ll see the benefits.


Bright clothes

Wear some bright clothes and you`ll begin to feel the summer vibe already. Or simply think about “Positivus” – already feeling a lot better, right?



Listening to music will keep you smiling. Turn on Lithuanian band “KEYMONO” and you might even start dancing around the house!

A cup of coffee

There`s nothing better than a cup of energy on Monday morning. Take some good reading material, for example article about colorful Estonians “Zebra Island”, and let the day begin!



What do you think?

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