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Singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Estonia Maris Pihlap has released her debut album „What Have You Become?“ in collaboration with the Estonian label TIKS Rekords.

Maris Pihlap’s debut album „What Have You Become?“ takes the listener for a sound journey, where jazz, folk and electronic music are intertwined together. „What Have You Become?“ is an album that tells the story of growing up as a woman and it shows different life changes around us. The young producer has said that she reached the sound that’s on the album by letting go of any genre-specific expectations.

„The ear misses contrasts, purity of tradition, exotic warmth, minimal northern clarity and electronic diversity. And always add some form of your heritage. I went through with all the ideas I could come up with,“ says Maris.

„From the moment you start creating your own music, everyone should be able to create their vision and connect things that at first sight would not connect,“ adds Maris. 

“For a long time I struggled to find my place in the world of music,” Maris continues “feeling like a jazz geek among folk musicians, a raver in a city of jazz clubs, an old fiddler accidentally lost in Tomorrowland. Instead of trying to find an already existing place, I found the courage to take all the sounds I have absorbed at all of these places, and create something new, not limiting myself with expectations of genres or moods.

For me everything starts with words – be it lyrics or a title – everything else you hear, I have put there in service of the thought. “What have you become?” is my way of untangling the emotions around growing up, becoming a woman, and the discomforts of change. While the album might seem quite melancholic, its purpose is not to bring more sadness into this world, but rather try to create a space where others too would be free to express their worries safely, instead of being discarded amid all the fake-positivity.

To be taken as a collection of postcards from different points of my journey, it is as chaotic as one’s early adulthood can get. Or has gotten until now at least, this is just the first step, and that’s what makes it exciting.”

“It is a truly lovely and intimate record blending folk and electronic music effortlessly,” says Music Is My Sanctuary.

Maris Pihlap is a singer-songwriter, producer and DJ from Estonia. Mixing genres and practicing the power of vulnerability daily.

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