LUDOVICO EINAUDI at Nordea Concert Hall, Tallinn

If one man embodies the kaleidoscopic new musical world of the ‘user-generated’ age it is Ludovico Einaudi. Topping audience polls from the classical to the avant-garde,Einaudi has not only become one of Europe’s most popular composers, but has rendered traditional ideas of musical genre and audience divide obsolete. On September 14th, 2016 Ludovico Einaudi will perform his first concert ever in the Baltic States, in Tallinn at the Nordea Concert Hall.

Einaudi’s music is ambient, meditative and often introspective.  His  sweeping compositions are deeply touching, and draw inspiration from classical and international music, minimalism, and contemporary pop, but always with the piano at the heart of the sound.

Ludovico Einaudi’s talent is praised worldwide,  his deeply touching and emotional compositions have been part of countless cinematic masterpieces, while Einaudi’s ability to fuse traditional ideas of music genres with minimalism and contemporary pop has gained him a name of true and rare talent. Einaudi is one of Europe’s most popular pianists and composers, and is the first classical composer who has ever reached UK’s pop music charts. On September 14th, 2016 Luduvico Euinaudi will perform his first concert ever in the Baltic States, in Tallinn at the Nordea Concert Hall.

“A great melodic line is like a person’s soul, and coming up with an original melody, it can be like you are illustrating the soul. People look at you like you are a magician. You have conjured up something out of nowhere that no one has before. You are creating a route to the soul” – Ludovico Einaudi.

In his early years he studied classical music, but later on, while working as the assistant to the master of avant-garde music Luciano Berio, he learned to break down borders between academic and contemporary music.  However, the most important thing that Einaudi learned from his teacher was the idea that music is everywhere. In buildings, animals, dreams, colours, emotions, voice, language, time, fear, motion, rain – everywhere. And it is only waiting to be transformed into sound. The closest he would get to defining his music is to talk loosely about ‘sounds without words’, in a tradition that extends from Bach to Part and this to some extent extends to even talking about the music. There are no words, although, in the end, there have to be some.

The latest Einaudi album, Elements, was released in 2015 and was highly critically acclaimed worldwide. “Elements started from a desire to create something completely new while using a wide range of knowledge. I found a new border between what I know, what I don’t know and what I have long wanted to explore: creation of ancient Greek myths, periodic tables, Euclidean geometry, Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky paintings, substance of sound and colour, withered grass, forms of landscapes. For months I was lost between chaotic images, thoughts and feelings. Then suddenly everything fell into place, as if all the elements are part of the same worlds, the same I am part of as well”, Einaudi explains. Elements was the first album to reach UK popular music charts since 1992, when Henryk Górecki’s Symphony of Sorrowful Songs was released.

Einaudi performs together with an accompanying band that includes cello, guitar violin, percussion, keyboards and other instruments and always creates genuine public delight. As written by Oxford Mail, “not a lot of classical music performers can appeal to emo-teens, leather clothed bikers, gentlemen in expensive suits and ladies in cocktail dresses.”

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