Enjoy catchy pop melodies and energetic, guitar-based rock sounds? Then you are a fan of pop rock! Discover amazing concerts of some legendary Latvian bands.

Music group “Tumsa” celebrates 25th anniversary!

“Tumsa” (“Darkness”) is celebrating its 25th anniversary and will give a performance on 29th April at club “9.VILNIS”.

“Tumsa” is Latvian pop rock group from Liepaja. During their musical career, the group released seven albums and one song sample, as well as played more than 700 concerts. After group`s leader – vocalist Martins Freimanis passed away, everything suddenly stopped.

But after half a year of silence, “Tumsa” started a new chapter in their musical life. A member of the band “Putnu balle” (“Bird ball”) Valters Fridenbergs joined “Tumsa” and became the vocalist.

Now “Tumsa” has returned to active concert life. Not to mention that over many years “Tumsa” songs have become ones that nearly every Latvian knows.

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Latvians “Z-Scars” return!

On 29th April rock/pop group “Z-Scars” will play their comeback concert at Aluksne, entertainment center “Preludija”.

“Z-Scars” was founded in 2001. They gained popularity in 2003 when songs “You are approaching yourself” (“Tu tuvojies sev”) and “Between you and me” (“Starp tevi un mani”) were released. In 2011 they released “Greatest hit compilation 2001-2011” and stopped their musical activity at some point.

In February 2016 “Z-Scars” released their new EP “Restarts” while celebrating their 15th anniversary.

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Tallinn, get ready – “Brainstorm” is coming!

One of the most successful Latvian band`s “Brainstorm” will perform at Tallinn`s Rock Cafe on 28th April within tour “7 Steps of Fresh Air”.

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